The Wonder Stuff-"Construction for the Modern Idiot"

Artist/Album: The WonderstuffConstruction for the Modern Idiot

Reason For Purchase: If you ever heard Never Loved Elvis, you’d want to buy this record too. It was the follow up to their biggest selling¬†album and it still has remnants of that greatness.

Songs To Hear: “Full of Life (Happy Now),” “On the Ropes,” “Hot Love Now!” All three of these songs were singles, and all are good starting points for this record.

Why You Want It?: This was the last proper full length before Miles and the band broke up.

The Wonderstuff write some of the most glorious pop music you’ll ever get your hands on. As a matter of fact, I would buy anything from this band that I came across in the cut out bins, because you just can’t lose with their songwriting.

Collection Worthy?: Absolutely. It’s a little darker than the previous album, but it’s still very good.


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