Rival Schools-Pedals

Artist/Album: Rival SchoolsPedals

Reason For Purchase: First I found Walter Schreifels band Walking Concert in the cut out bins and fell in love with the record Run to Be Born. Then I did some research and found out that he was also the lead singer for Rival Schools.

I went out and purchased their debut, United by Fate, and was hooked. When I heard Rival Schools were finally releasing a follow up, I had to have it.

Songs To Hear: “69 Guns,” “Wring It Out,” “Big Waves,” and “Eyes Wide Open” are all great songs, but the rest of this record is great too. There are a few songs I could live without, but 8 of 10 is not bad, right?

Why You Want It?: Rival Schools remind me of a less abrasive Nirvana, in the same vein as the Foo Fighters. Regardless of comparisons, Pedals rocks. There will be times you want to bang your head, and times you’ll feel like jumping. It’s a long player, but the singles are incredible too.

Collection Worthy?: Yes. I want all their albums in my collection. Schreifel’s songwriting is top notch, and I would buy anything from any of his former bands.


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