Peace Together: A Bunch Of Cool Cover Songs For A Greater Cause

Artist/Album: Various ArtistsPeace Together

Reason For Purchase: There are a lot of cool bands covering a lot of songs I really liked. I wasn’t aware of this compilation before I came across it in the cut outs, so I had to purchase it.

Songs To Hear: What sold me on this CD was a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Oliver’s Army,” by Blur. This version doesn’t stray far from the original, but it’s still a very cool listen. Most of the of the bands and artists on the album are British or Irish, as it was dedicated to promoting peace in Northern Ireland

Also, it took almost 20 years forĀ My Bloody Valentine to release any new material after Loveless, andĀ “We Have All The Time In The World,” was released during that drought. Never hearing the song before, I was excited to see what the 90’s shoegazers had done. A cover of The Police’s “Invisible Sun,” by the 90’s band Therapy stays very close to the original as well, but sounds great.


Why You Want It?: I wanted it for all the reasons I listed above. There were just too many questions to leave unanswered, and by that I mean I needed to hear certain cover songs on this disc. It was worth it for $1, but it’s not collection worthy.

Final Thoughts: If you still collect CD’s or you love Brit Pop, get this compilation! If you run across this Frisbee for the price of a cup of coffee, you should get it. I’ve listened to it 4 times already and other tracks are starting to grow on me.

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