DEF JEF -Give It Here- "C'Mon Don't Say Nothin'!"

“You can be the skeezer, I’ll be the skeezie.” -Def Jef

Today I remembered a song that brought me back to my high school days. I think you can tell by the video quality how old I am.

Regardless of age, it still seems like yesterday that this Def Jef video came across the screen. It was during my Yo! MTV Raps days.

My buddy called me right after: “Yooooo! Hey home slice, you just see that Def Jef video? We have to get that CD, homie!” That was it.

We headed to the record store, 20 minutes away, and pre-ordered that shit. Two funny points to that last statement.

First, we lived in a town so small, that we had to drive to the next town over to buy CD’s. Second, you had to SPECIALLY ORDER CD’s! Back then, RAP music was hard to find! Most stores carried BUTT ROCK and POST-MODERN music. RAP was not popular; and NO ONE called it HIP HOP!!!

Anyway, I digress…

One of the best parts of this video being on YouTube was the comments. I’m so glad this little bit of history was preserved there, where you can check how FAR these thoughts go back, meaning years.

Louis Poindexter-2 months ago

this was my shit!!!!!!!!!! Delicious Vinyl was running thangs on the West Coast back then—Dee Barnes from Body and Soul and  the Pump it Up tv show is the chick that Def Jef is chasing, lol

 Watched this video back in the day to learn how to dance!! haha
Def Jef had some skills…no doubt…This is classic material.

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