Widespread Panic's Live & Acoustic "Uber Cobra"

Widespread Panic's Live & Acoustic "Uber Cobra"
Great Live Set!

Artist/Album: Widespread PanicUber Cobra

Reason For Purchase: Widespread Panic is really known for their live shows. For $1 there is no way I could pass on this live acoustical performance. After a few listens, I am so glad I bought this! The sound quality is unmatched and the songs carry all the same energy, just a bit stripped down.

Songs To Hear: “Walk On,” “Can’t Get High,” and “Can’t Find My Way Home” are stellar. On songs like “Wonderin'” the keyboards and vocals really take a front seat and make this version shine. Also, there are some cool covers on here as well, besides the Winwood gem, that should be heard.

Why You Want It?: The sound quality is great. Even the cover songs that I didn’t previously know kept my attention. You can listen to it in full here at GrooveShark.

Final Thoughts: Buy this if you see it used. You won’t be disappointed. Great background music for a cookout or party, and some solid jams.

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