The Jayhawks "Smile!" Is It Worth It?

Artist/Album: The Jayhawks/Smile

Reason For Purchase: I’ve always been a fan of this band but this is one LP that slipped through my hands. The singleĀ “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” got a lot of airplay, so I wanted to hear what the rest of it sounded like.

Songs To Hear: “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” is radio ready pop, and “Smile,” is anthemic and moody. “Queen Of The World” and “Pretty Thing” are also pop gems that see the band heading into new territory.


Why You Want It?: A nice layout and lyric book are enough for me to snag this. But the production value and songwriting, are definitely on point. It sounds great in the car too.

Plus, for the price of anything on McDonald’s Dollar Menu, this purchase was an incredible deal.

Final Thoughts: For me, Smile took the band in a new direction and that’s what was attractive and refreshing. Change is a good thing, and this shaped up to be one of the best changes The Jayhawks made. But, die-hard fans might beg to differ.

Regardless, if it wasn’t for this album we wouldn’t have the incredible “Baby, Baby, Baby.” What a killer song, with an even better lead.

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