FOUND: Chino XL "Poison Pen" at Reckless Records in The Dollar Bin!

Artist/Album: Chino XL-Poison Pen

Reason For Purchase: Chino is a really talented rapper. His style is different, but he’s definitely a wordsmith. Quick rapper, with a ton a metaphors, and great writing skills.

I had Poison Pen on my iPod for almost 2 years while I was in school at DePaul, and I worked out a lot to it. I have never owned a hard copy, so when I saw this limited edition, double disc, autographed copy for $1, it was a no-brainer.

Songs To Hear: Check out “Our Time (feat. Proof), they both really tear this track up. “Wordsmith”,”Messiah”, and “Skin” also give you a clear idea of his style and if you’d dig it.

Why You Want It?: A lot of underground hip hop fans would have you believe that Eminem borrowed Chino’s style and flow. The two rappers were actually embroiled in a beef for awhile, and people argued on thread after thread about who was better. I won’t go there. If you like good, solid rap, pick this up. Or, get at me! I’ll sell it to you for $5! Ha!


Collection Worthy?: No, I would say this one is only for the true hip hop lover.

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