Kingmaker-"Armchair Anarchist"-3 Track EP [Import Single]

Artist/Album: KingmakerArmchair Anarchist (Import Single)

Reason For Purchase: I love this band. A simple three piece with beautiful melodies, and bright instrumentation. I’d buy anything they released for $1, how about that. They have long since broken up, and you don’t see a lot of their music in the cut outs’, let alone record stores anymore. Much of it wasn’t even released in the States.

Songs To Hear: “Armchair Anarchist,” “Everything’s Changed (Since You’ve Been to London),” “Kissing Under Anesthetic.”


Why You Want It?: This is Brit Pop at its finest. Solid rock and roll with a sense of humor.

Collection Worthy?: I am now in the process of collecting anything and everything from Kingmaker. If you see something, grab it for me. Maybe we can make a big trade? But if you’ve never heard of this band, grab their full length albums first.

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