Vintage Vinyl-Best Record Store on Earth?

We took a trip to St. Louis to re-investigate the beer scene. Last time we visited, about 5 years ago, it seemed Schlafly was pretty much the only game in town. Well, things have drastically changed since then! There were 5 new brew pubs that we wanted to hit, and a few others that we didn’t get too. I’ll get to all that in another post, beer lovers, be patient.

Every time I head to this town, we stay over in the Delmar Loop at the Moonrise Hotel, just a few blocks from where the world’s greatest record store lives. Vintage Vinyl is the place I’m talking about, where the cut out bins are endless, running wild from one end of the store to the other. Vinyl runs rampant too, covering the walls, from floor to ceiling. Probably the most 45’s or 7″s I have ever seen. It’s exciting and I don’t even collect vinyl except for The Smiths and Morrissey releases.

There are DVD’s, Blu-Rays, and so many other forms of music and movies that you could spend half a day in this place just looking at all the nostalgia. I think the coolest part though is the customer service. They love their customers, and give away vinyl and stickers when you make a purchase from their store. Also, an employee came over to offer me a seat, or a milk crate, to use while I was searching for those gems in the cut outs. That’s the first time something like that happened.

Here is a list of my haul:

Dappled Cities-Zounds

Jin-100 Grand Jin

Just Say Roe-Volume VII of Just Say Yes (CD, Jul-1994, Sire)

Paperboy-City To City

The SamplesLive in Colorado [LIVE] (May 4, 2004)

Check out Vintage Vinyl when you’re in St. Louis, and set some time aside if you like record shopping. Take it from a music lover, you will get lost in this store for an hour.

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