Finding Pearl Jam @ A Garage Sale

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In honor of Pearl Jam playing these legendary live shows at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field this weekend, the Cut Out Kid thought it would be proper to write about his recent finds at a Ravenswood garage sale.

Here is the list that has cluttered my nightstand:

Jeremy CD single-containing the bad ass b-side “Footsteps,” and the EPIC “Yellow Ledbetter.” Long out of print, and hard to find this Australian pressing. This score made the day!

Dissident EP– which has killer versions of “Release,” and “Why Go.”

Live-“Spodek” Katowice, Poland 15-6-00-Awesome versions of “Last Kiss,” “Animal,” “Given To Fly,” and “Brain of J.”  The whole world will be different…SOON!

Benaroya Hall-22-10-03-Stripped down performance, nothing like I have ever heard, introducing me to many of the PJ songs I have missed over the last 10 years. Acoustic BRILLIANCE! Perfect road trip music. “Off He Goes,” and “Black” are standouts. This was “performed and released as a benefit for YouthCare, a non-profit charity in Seattle.”

At this garage sale, I think I spent about $30, over 2 separate days.  But the things I picked up…I can’t even begin to tell you. I actually felt bad when the woman told me she had to sell her husbands collection to make room in the house. This is what the ‘Kid does for fun, and I truly love hunting for such treasures. If I didn’t buy them someone else would. Matter of fact, a lot of Beatles stuff was gone the next day, otherwise I would have spent more.

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