Knockin' On The Door

Band of Horses are knocking on your door.  Can you hear them?  If you haven’t heard their swirling sounds by now, you will soon have no choice.  Radio is playing them, and every late night program has hosted them.  They have played every music festival known to man, and have toured endlessly.  They are embraced by jam band fans, and indie kids alike.  Music this good begs to be heard.  With each LP they have grown by leaps and bounds.  Beefing up harmonies along the way, adding strength to a battery of musicians as cohesive as Elmer’s (glue, of course).

Here on Mirage Rock it’s more of the same.  Solid songwriting, with catchy choruses, and conscious lyrics.  The space aged rock of “Our Swords” off the first record has grown into the pop perfection of “Knock Knock,” off their fourth and latest outing.  All of this knockin’ on the door get’s under your skin instantly, making the chorus hard to shake.  What a way to lead off your new album.  Get the listener hooked right away, then you can serve them the other 31 Flavors, if you know what I mean.  “Shut-In Tourist” is a gorgeous, inspiring piece of pop, propelled by some flawless finger picking, and some subtle percussion. It almost sounds as if someone is hammering out the beat on an acoustic guitar.

Regardless of how it’s accomplished, this pitter-patter creates the perfect bed for a soaring melody.  “Electric Music” has a classic rock feel, and “Heartbreak On The 101” is your slowed down love song.  “Dumpster World,” reminds me of America’s “Horse With No Name, ” maybe even C.S.N.Y.  This is that conscious song about how we treat the world we live in.  You might even say it goes as far as that carbon footprint each of us leaves while we’re here.  “Feud” is another upbeat rocker like “Knock Knock,” obvious and easy on the ears, like a supermodel that doesn’t speak.  That was a joke…this music is not.  Band of Horses is worth your time, you should seek it out.

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