The creative professional gig: It's for chicks!

The creative professional gig: It's for chicks!

Way back before you kids had your internet, I was born in the State of Texas to a woman who would become an elected judge just a few years later. My dad is no slouch in the feminism department, but growing up with short red-headed woman who could tame even the hardest of good ol’ boys is a high bar even by today’s standards. The oldest with 3 younger brothers, I was absolutely ignorant about what girls and boys were supposed to do. Dolls, dirt bikes, hunting, house decorating, mud, bubble baths…it was just all a big mix of fun to me. Imagine my surprise when I managed to maneuver my way into concert photography to find that I was usually the only woman in the pit. And backstage. And eventually in the offices.

Photo: Me
Trent, the first guy to give me legit photo credentials. Yeah, a name drop. Sorry. That’s my only good one…and now I’ve already used it up.

It sucked. I had no mentors and even the guys who played along still called out to the other dudes when it came down to getting the real work done.

That was about 20(muttermuttersomething) years ago. I think it’s better these days. I’m lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing women now, but Chicago is still pretty slim on female creative directors. But then the whole creative industry still looks pretty dude-dominated to me. One of my goals in life is to make it more approachable for women.

To be honest, I don’t know what this blog will be yet. Like any creative person, I think I’m all about something one day, then have a total “SQUIRREL!” moment and just like that, I’m into something else. (Case in point, the url of this blog.) I’m not cool and can’t even pretend to be. I’m a huge dork and I like what I like. Sometimes it’s MCA Chicago, sometimes it’s Dollywood.

My day gig is as Global Creative Director at a retail accessories chain. I get to lead really fun campaigns, photography projects that are like bringing dreams to life, and I travel A LOT. More than I really thought I would when I started. I’m still wrestling with that because I really dig my kids and husband. But more on that later.

So here it is. The old blog that’s now the new blog. I didn’t really ask permission to do this, but the best creatives tend to be better at asking forgiveness than permission. So…sorry Jimmy!

Tomorrow, Paris. I hope you’ve packed because it’s 10:45pm CST and I sure the hell haven’t.

–That’s not some lofty sign off. Tomorrow we really are going to Paris. Be sure to follow along!

Thank you, Alan, for nudging me to write again. (Read Chicago Sportist here) I’m very happy about this.

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