I'm supposed to be packed by now

I’m supposed to be packed by now. My flight leaves at 6:30, which means I’m at O’Hare by 4:30 at the latest.

But I just got back from a trip to the Smokies last night with my family after a week shooting in New Orleans and my time with them is extra-precious. So instead, I’m drinking coffee during my last official day of vacation while my son plays Minecraft.

One thing I’ve learned is to pick your battles. I know who I am, so I organize my life accordingly. I dread packing and will always put it off. I have laundry in the next room. I keep a packed toiletry case so I don’t have to sort that out. My passport, travel wallet, and pillow are in their permanent location in my airplane survival tote. As long as headphones are in there, I’m good.

Flights without headphones are what happens to people who kicked puppies in previous lives.

Oh crap. And the photo gear! It would be good to pack that. It’s generally frowned upon to show up to shoots without it.

There are things I wish I could do before I leave. I wish I could have a leisurely lunch with my teenage daughter. I wish I could spend the morning cuddling with my husband. I wish I could look at my son’s big brown eyes and listen to him tell me about how many units of Minecraft ore he’s collected.

I wish I could cut my grown out hair and get a manicure because I’m headed to Paris and I will tell myself the entire time how ratty my appearance is and how I should try harder to be chicer because I’m a grown-ass professional woman and should know how to keep all these plates spinning and look flawless doing it.

But I’ll do my best.

After one more cup of coffee.

And one more smooch from my son.

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