We Have Moved

It is with great joy and not a little bit of fear that we’d like to announce our move to a new site: CubsInsider.com.

ChicagoNow has been incredible for us and the support and knowledge the Community Managers and other bloggers has been invaluable to us. And it’s actually this amazing community that gave us the ability to strike out on our own.

Both Tom Loxas and I felt that it was time to move on to something that was purely ours, and that pull was greater than the immense comfort and security we felt here at CN. We’ll miss the format, he daily emails, and the sense of community, but we’re hoping to start something special of our own.

So if you’re a fan of our stuff and you’re wondering why there’s nothing new on here, now you know. We hope you’ll continue to read our fellow bloggers here and that you’ll swing by the brand new CI site.

The contributors are the same, but the look is different. Also, if you had signed up for email notifications, you’re going to want to get set up with CubsInsider.com now. Again, we want to thank everyone at ChicagoNow for everything they’ve done for us. None of this would have been possible without their efforts.

Thank you all for reading and we hope to see you and hear from you at CI.

Evan and Tom

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  • Congrats!! I will certainly follow you. Quality work which I hopes bodes for an even more fortuitous future.

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    I'm glad to see your blog is advancing quite nicely. Of course I will follow daily as usual.

  • Certainly I'll continue to follow ya'll, must be doing something right! Glad for you guys, kind of like watching your kids growing up (sniffle sniffle ) lol.

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    Hey, thanks! We're really happy with the new site but it was tough to leave CN. This place was really great for us and provided an amazing platform. Appreciate the kind words and look forward to seeing you at CubsInsider.

  • Really appreciate it boys!

  • Finally site update, thanks for the new amazing site. Good Work


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