The Cubs Call Up Javier Baez, Cubs Social Media Goes Nuts

The Cubs Call Up Javier Baez, Cubs Social Media Goes Nuts

If the day that Bryant is finally called up is “Kris-mas” for Cubs fans, then yesterday was “Javy-kuh.” Okay, that sounded better in my head. By now, you’ve heard the amazing news that Javier Baez will be meeting the Chicago Cubs in Colorado tomorrow to begin his storied, Hall-of-Fame career of home run hitting, soul stealing, and ruling us like a god.

Theo Epstein told Dan McNeil and Matt Spiegel from 670 The Score in March that he wasn’t interested in giving fans cookies. Well, Javier Baez may have earned his way the Chicago Cubs roster. But don’t stop fans from treating this like we’ve been given a pile of Oreo’s. Forgive me if I want to indulge in my #Javytime for eight crazy nights (or more).

Just for fun, let’s check out some of the fan reaction, euphoria, and a little mix of analysis too. What do you think, Len Kasper?

  Of course, it wouldn’t be “Javy-kuh” without a comment by our favorite Baez fan, Jason Parks.


Amazingly, when I read this I thought “There is the voice of reason.”

Starlin Castro acted as a prophet that foresaw this event, speaking through Tom Loxas.

  How about that euphoria?



One comment from a dumbass, just for fun.

And of course, I couldn’t put together my “Twitter reaction” without my own reaction to finding out that Javier Baez has been called up. I’ve summed it up in this short video. Just pretend the newspaper is actually my cell phone, and that it says “Javier Baez called up by Cubs.”

Now that you’ve seen the fan reaction, let’s please all promise to give him some time. The important thing to remember with Baez is that he often struggles when presented with a new challenge, before eventually busting out of it and going homer-crazy. Understand that by September some of those numbers may be ugly, but there’s no need to overreact.

The Cubs’ record may not be much to look at, but the team on the field is starting to get interesting. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional cookie…right?


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  • Something tells me that all the experts and soothsayers will be as wrong as them saying that Baez was not going to be called up in 2014 until September.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rnemanich:

    I'm neither an expert nor a soothsayer, but I was not very surprised by this move. That said, I'm with Ryan. I'm a little confused and would like you to expand upon your assertion.

  • Which experts will be wrong and how so?

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