About The Cubs In Haiku

I started The Cubs In Haiku in May, 2008. Combining a passion for the Cubs with a somewhat less passionate interest in haiku, the original site was a simple blog.  Instead of detailed analysis or fan rants, there would be a game summary or highlight in the style of the Japanese haiku - 17 syllables for each Cubs game.

About a year later, in June 2009 I started working with the people at ChicagoNow to create a new home for The Cubs In Haiku. When the blog moved to ChicagoNow it was renamed  Chicago Sports In Haiku, adding the Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears and White Sox to our haiku coverage.

I recruited my brother and daughters to write the non-Cubs content, making the blog a family affair that continued for several years. But as time passed, their interest in regular haiku blogging waned. I was the only one crazy enough to continue.

So, in October 2015 the blog went back to its original name - The Cubs In Haiku.

Occasional coverage of the other sports teams - and some non-sports content - will continue under the new/old banner. But "The Cubs In Haiku" now more accurate reflects the focus here.