World Series: God is a Cubs fan

World Series: God is a Cubs fan

In case you weren’t sure
What happened Wednesday night proved
God is a Cubs fan

Last week, while preparing to attend the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years, I provided Biblical proof that God is a baseball fan. In the aftermath of Game 7 and a Cubs championship, it is clear that God isn’t just a baseball fan. God is definitely a Cubs fan.

The fact that the Cubs won isn’t proof. If all it took was a victory, and if God really had a direct influence on these things, we might have been celebrating in 1969, or 1984, or 1989, or 1998, or 2003, or …

A lead-off home run by Dexter Fowler to give the Cubs the all-important first run of the game? God liked that but didn’t make it happen.

David Ross hitting a home run in his last baseball game? God liked that but didn’t make it happen.

Ben Zobrist’s double to score the go-ahead run in the tenth? God liked that but didn’t make it happen.

Every other great moment in game 7 and the entire season that led up to it? God liked them, but God didn’t make them happen.

So where’s the proof that God is a Cubs fan? The rain.

When did the rain start? Only after the Indians tied the game in the bottom of the 8th inning. Along with Cubs fans everywhere, God had started crying.

It looked like we were going to come thiscloseagain, only to suffer another heartbreak. But then came the greatest 10th inning in Cubs history.

God didn’t make it happen. But God’s tears made it possible for Jason Heyward to rally the team with an inspirational speech before the 10th inning.

We know God is a Cubs fan not because the Cubs won, not because of home runs or clutch game-winning RBIs or even inspirational speeches. Those things happened because baseball players made them happen.

We know God is a Cubs fan because God cried with all of us after the 8th inning on Thursday.

And we know God is a Cubs fan because today, as the team prepares to celebrate with fans in Chicago, the sun in shining.

When the sun in shining, we know that God is smiling. Along with every other Cubs fan since Wednesday night.

The only tears are tears of joy.


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