NLCS Game 4: No Debate

NLCS Game 4: No Debate

Rizzo and Russell
Break out of post-season slumps
Cubs cruise to a win

One of the best things about watching the Cubs beat the Dodgers 10-2 on Wednesday night was never having a moment of desire to switch to the Presidential debate. Had the game developed like Game 3, many fans might have decided the debate would be more entertaining, just as my Twitter feed suggested lots of people abandoned the game on Tuesday night.

Much has been written about the recent lack of offense throughout almost the entire Cubs lineup. But particularly distressing were the poor performances by Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell at the plate. Last night that changed.

After a 5-run sixth inning, the game’s outcome was never in doubt. So although there was no scoring in the last three innings, fans were reluctant to turn away and miss the chance to relish the return of some Cubs offense.

Rizzo and Russell each had three hits, including home runs. Only Kris Bryant (who walked twice) and Jason Heyward (who got an RBI on a ground out) were hitless among position players. The best team in baseball was back in their groove, and confidence was restored going into Game 5 tonight.

There were almost too many highlights to mention here, so click on this link to watch MLB’s highlight reel of this great Cubs win.

With the NLCS tied at 2, the series will return to Wrigley Field on Saturday no matter what happens tonight. Any doubt about the possibility of a celebration of historic proportions at Clark and Addison this weekend was practically eliminated last night.

The debate is over.


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