Bernie Lincicome: Cubs hater or idiot?

Bernie Lincicome: Cubs hater or idiot?
Anthony Souffle / Chicago Tribune

Bernie Lincicome
He’s either a Cubs hater
Or an idiot

Either Bernie Lincicome, “special contributor to the  Chicago Tribune”, hates the Cubs or he’s simply stupid (or perhaps feigning ignorance to attract readers) when it comes to baseball. On Saturday, the Tribune published a rant by this old curmudgeon in which he tried to prove the article’s headline claiming excitement on the north side surrounding the 3rd best team in the National League (4th best in Major League Baseball) is “much ado about nothing”.

It’s hard to know where to start with this bullshit.

Some choice excerpts:

Cubs fans will forgive anything, even their team not loving them as much as they love their team.

Apparently, Bernie didn’t notice all of the empty seats at Wrigley over the past several years. Or the hundreds of season ticket holders who gave up their tickets instead of paying to see the so-called “lovable losers”.

The Cubs are having a resurgence, so say the growing numbers trying to figure out just what’s what at Clark and Addison. The problem with a resurgence is there would have had to have been a surgence, and that isn’t even a thing. And if it were, it is hard to recall when it happened, or when there was any surge at all.

According to Merriam Webster online, a resurgence is a “rising again into life, activity, or prominence”. Bernie is right that there’s no such thing as a “surgence” (the root of resurgence is simply “surge”). Bernie might not be able see “any surge at all”, but most intelligent people would say that how the Cubs have played since the All-Star break qualifies as a resurgence.

Same thing with renewal, revival, recovery — any of the family of “re’s” — because this is something unconnected with anything but what it is. And what is that?

Quick. Someone get Bernie a dictionary – or a style guide. What does this dribble even mean?

The core is in place — Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Jorge Soler, Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez — all the young wonders, providing hope and the occasional game-winning hit.

Occasional? I believe the Cubs lead baseball in come from behind victories and walk-off wins. And the young players Bernie listed have contributed to that stat often.

Maddon’s hunches work until they don’t. Today’s genius is tomorrow’s buffoon.

The first sentence is pretty much true of any manager. The second barely deserves a response. Is there anyone who follows baseball, plays baseball, writes about baseball, loves baseball, who would use the word buffoon in close proximity to the name Joe Maddon? Only a buffoon.

But the dumbest of all:

So what to make of all this? All this agonizing over getting the chance to play one more game, just in case. What a slim little carrot that is, baseball’s great tease, a wild-card play-in playoff.

Note to Bernie: Last year’s World Series was played between two teams that got there by winning the “slim little carrot” that will be the Cubs’ portal to October baseball.

Bernie did get one thing right, even if I have to take it out of context to make it so:

Something will happen.

Actually, something is happening, It’s happening right now. It’s happening at Clark and Addison. It’s happening a year earlier than we expected. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

See you in October, Bernie.

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