Thumbs Up Haiku: Better than a win? A young Cubs fan's reaction

Thumbs Up Haiku: Better than a win? A young Cubs fan's reaction

The Cubs win was great
But thumbs up from a young fan
Really made my day

I couldn’t go to Wednesday’s Cubs game against the Cardinals. So my fellow ChicagoNow blogger Rice Cube, of World Series Dreaming, used the tickets to take his son to the game.  I was glad the seats wouldn’t be empty, which happened way too often last summer.

My joy increased when, in the 7th inning, the Cubs managed to score their first runs of the season and went on to defeat the Cardinals 2-0 to gain a split for the rain-shortened opening series.

But it got even better when a Twitter alert arrived on my phone with the picture at the top of this post. Seeing this young Cubs fan, clearly cold from a day in the grandstand, giving a big thumbs up in front of the “Cubs Win” message on the Wrigley marquee brought a big smile to my face.

Thanks to Mr. Cube (that’s what the NY Times would call him, so it’s good enough for me) and Rice, Jr. for sharing a bit of their day at Wrigley Field. You can read about it on World Series Dreaming, where you can also see more pictures.

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