Opening Night In Haiku: The Jumbotron Looked Nice

Opening Night In Haiku: The Jumbotron Looked Nice
Just one game on the scoreboard.

Long lines for bathrooms
Cubs RISP? Zero
But … the Jumbotron!

There were plenty of Cardinals fans sitting around us Sunday for MLB’s “Opening Night”, the inaugural game of the 2015 season that Cubs fans hope is the beginning of the end of the team’s current rebuilding process. Each of us had different things to get excited about – Cardinals fans more often than Cubs fans – but all 35,055 of us cheered together when Wrigley Field PA announcer Andrew Belleson called out, “Play Ball”.  Finally, baseball games that counted.

Things started out well several times for the Cubs, including lead-off doubles in both the first and second innings. But the new Cubs seemed to pick up right where the old Cubs left off, struggling to get hits with runners in scoring position. The team went 0-for-13 with RISP last night and lost to the Cardinals 3-0.

And there was this:

Which led me to tweet this:

But the Jumbotron sure looked nice.

2015-04-05 Jumbotron


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