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My Favorite Ernie Banks Moment

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Classic Home Run Call Jack Brickhouse yelling “Hey Hey” Ernie’s 500th If there’s one moment I’ll always remember from Ernie’s playing career it was Jack Brickhouse calling home run number 500. “Everybody on your feet. ┬áThis is it!” It still brings a tear to my eye. And tonight’s news, of Ernie’s passing at 83, is... Read more »

Cubs Convention Sold Out - But Where's Ernie?

Cubs Convention Sold Out - But Where's Ernie?
Convention’s Sold Out First time in several years But Ernie’s missing A Facebook post this morning from the Chicago Cubs indicated that weekend passes and Sheraton hotel packages for next weekend’s 30th Annual Cubs Convention have sold out. This will be our 8th convention, and I remember when the words “Sold Out” were emblazoned across... Read more »