Cubs In Haiku: Travis Wood's Afternoon Turns Schlitty

Cubs In Haiku: Travis Wood's Afternoon Turns Schlitty
Chicago Tribune photo by John J. Kim

Travis Wood? Awsome
Schlitter? Russell? Not so much
Wood deserved a win

Thursday’s Cubs game was a perfect example of why wins and losses are a terrible way to rate pitchers. Travis Wood was pulled after giving up a double to the first batter he faced in the 7th inning. In the first 6 innings against the Pirates he struck out 9 while giving up just 3 hits and not allowing any runs. Then things turned schlitty.

Brian Schlitter entered the game and proceeded to give up a 2 run homer to the first batter he faced, cutting the Cubs lead in half. He managed to get 2 outs but a single and a walk left 2 men on base when James Russell came in to try to stop the bleeding. But he gave up a 3 run homer to the first batter HE faced and the Cubs lead (along with Travis Wood’s chance for the win he deserved) simply evaporated.

There’s no crying in baseball. But Wood would be forgiven if he kicked a hole in the wall of the Cubs clubhouse. He pitched well enough to earn a win but walked away with no decision. I’m sure he’s thrilled with his 9 strike outs and 1 earned run, but he can’t be happy with the Cubs bullpen.

Of course, the Cubs never recovered, despite a promising start to the bottom of the 9th. What looked like their first series win of the season ended up being their 6th loss against just 3 wins. Travis Wood had a quality start, only to have his afternoon turn schlitty.

Link to box score: Pirates 5, Cubs 4


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