Taxes In Haiku: Republican Leader Says Norquist Decides For Them

 Taxes In Haiku: Republican Leader Says Norquist Decides For Them
"Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist" (c) by Michael D'Antuono.  Used With Permission.


Concerning taxes
GOPher admits their leader
Is Grover Norquist


Sunday on Meet The Press, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted that when it comes to deciding what constitutes a tax increase, the Republican Party simply asks Grover Norquist and follows his instructions.

In the midst of McConnell’s Palin-esque repetition of talking point after talking point after talking point (often the same talking point over and over and over again) host David Gregory asked the Senator for his reaction to criticsm from conservatives regarding the recent deal to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff”. The Kentucky Republican’s response included this astounding admission:


“… the arbiter of whether something is a tax increase or not is Americans for Tax Reform. The head of Americans for Tax Reform said it was not a tax increase.”


I’ll give credit to McConnell for his unexpected honesty, but I don’t believe anybody elected Grover Norquist to be our authority on taxes. His “no tax increase” pledge was an idea he hatched when he was 12 years old – it is not how adults deal with serious issues.

Unless, apparently, you are the leader of the Republican Party in the Senate of the United States.



I am grateful to Michael D’Antuono for allowing me to feature his artwork in this post.  For more of his politically charged paintings, visit his website Art & Response.

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