Post-Election Haiku: To My Facebook Friends

Post-Election Haiku: To My Facebook Friends


An open letter
To all of my Facebook friends
You can come out now


Like many of you who are political activists of one sort or another, my Facebook timeline is full of political posts explaining why you should vote for my favorites candidates or against their “evil” opponents; exposing the hypocrisy of politicians; or attempting with utter futility to get you to change your mind because – obviously – you were wrong about one thing or another.

Quite frequently during the election campaign, my FB friends were drawn in to arguments with each other as my worlds collided – high school or college classmates, neighbors, colleagues, family and friends who often didn’t know each other except through my Facebook page – throwing barbs back and forth as I sometimes just sat on the sidelines and watched what I (only somewhat unintentionally) had wrought.

It was clear that when people didn’t know each other “in real life” it was more likely that the debate would devolve into name calling. There were times when I felt bad about that, but other times I was actually glad that others were saying things I wasn’t quite willing to say myself because I knew people beyond the aspects of themselves they revealed on Facebook.

So, to those who had to increase their blood pressure meds because of things I posted, or things my friends said, I think the the worst is over. There will still be arguments, but not as urgent and – hopefully – not as venomous.

To those who stopped paying attention, please tune back in. You might like the stuff I post about the Cubs, or Judaism or even the occasional political screed. Hopefully there will more of the former and less of the latter.

And to those who engaged and expressed their views – thank you. It was great to get support from those who agreed, and … er … interesting, I guess … to read the opinions of those who thought I was out of my mind to support certain candidates or policies.

Now … let me tell you why you should vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Chris Christie in 2016.

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