Elections In Haiku: Why The Popular Vote Matters

Elections In Haiku: Why The Popular Vote Matters

Not in a swing state?
Think your vote doesn’t matter?
Better think again.

There are lots of reasons for and against the Electoral College system (aka Pretend Voting) by which we current elect our President and Vice-President.

Frankly, it’s shocking, after the 2000 election, that the Electoral College isn’t on the verge of extinction. There’s at least one intriguing idea that would ensure the Electoral vote would be consistent with the national popular vote, but it’s not exactly on the front burner.

But that’s an issue for another day.

Of course, it’s important for voters in non-swing states to vote in their Congressional, State and local races, but there’s an even bigger, national concern.

We’re all familiar with the way the Republicans (from day one) have sought to delegitimize President Obama. From birther nonsense to claims that Obama is “un-American” or has “foreign” ideas, it’s all about preventing the President from passing any part of his agenda – even those elements that Republicans have supported in the past.

But if you think it’s bad now, just imagine what the Obama-haters will do if he is elected with a majority of the Electoral College vote (the one that presumably “matters”) but loses to Romney in the popular vote.

For the next four years all we’ll hear is that Romney’s “ideas” were more popular – despite the utter hypocrisy of saying that when Democrats were just supposed to “move on” after Gore defeated Dubya in the 2000 popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote.

With the potential reduced turnout in Democratic strongholds affected by Hurricane Sandy, this is increasingly a possibility. So it’s up to those Obama supporters, even in non-swing states to make sure they get to their polling places tomorrow to cast their votes for Barack Obama.

Let’s make sure we don’t hand the Republicans another excuse for four more years of extremism and obstructionism.

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