Cubs In Haiku: Season Ticket Ennui

Cubs In Haiku: Season Ticket Ennui


The wait is over
So I should be excited
Is it bad I’m not?


There are more than 115,000 people on the Cubs Season Ticket Waiting List. You might be one of them. I used to be on that list, too. But yesterday, when I opened my email, I found a message from the Cubs with the subject line: “Cubs Season Ticket Waiting List Update – Your Wait Is Over.” After a little more than 6 years, I had reached the front of the line …


Season Ticket Email


I thought I’d be excited, but I’m left feeling a bit indifferent.

For several years I barely moved – it took 5 years to go from position 20,546 (where I started) to 15,965 as the 2011 season ended.  I had hoped it would be 2014 or 2015 before I reached the front of the line – about the time that the team would be exciting again. But almost 8,000 seats became available during each of the last two rounds of season ticket renewals. I’m guessing most of those were the result of people giving up their tickets and not the team turning more seats from single game to season tickets.

There are good reasons why so many people gave up their tickets, and those same things probably contribute to my relative lack of enthusiasm. The biggest advantage of being a season ticket holder is the guarantee of access to tickets for the post-season, and any chance of that happening seems to still be several seasons away.

I’m a bit conflicted about whether I should be making this investment – and I know that there will be many games when my seats will end up empty because I won’t be able to even give away the tickets.

But there’s no question, however indifferent I feel today, that I’ll be excited on December 8th when I visit Wrigley Field to choose my seats for the 2013 season.  I just hope there’s some exciting baseball to watch this summer. I mean, 2013 has got to be better than 2012, right?



[NOTE: Technically, I’m still number 6975 in line.  The Cubs anticipate that there will be seats available for me on December 8th, but the email includes a caveat that “availability will vary based on our Season Ticket Holder Relocation Event, so we cannot guarantee everyone who receives this email will have the opportunity to purchase tickets.” Despite this disclaimer, I’m not holding out hope that I’ll be able to wait another year before purchasing season tickets] 


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