The Olympics In Haiku: Is It Unpatriotic Not To Care?

The Olympics In Haiku: Is It Unpatriotic Not To Care?
The 2012 Olympic Mascots - What are these things?

The day has arrived
The whole world is excited
Me? Not quite so much


The “Games” start today.  I know that because I’ve seen the countdown clock (including the seconds remaining) on every Comcast-owned network on our cable system.

The Olympic Preview issue of Sports Illustrated arrived in the mail.

There will be 40 Mary Poppins fighting Voldemort during the opening cermonies.

Willard Romney even made some undiplomatic comments about whether London can pull it off. That should have made my liberal heart skip a beat.

But I just don’t care.

There’s just a deep rooted cynicism about the great quadrennial international athletic competition. Perhaps that comes from Harry Shearer’s Olympics updates on his radio program LeShow (“It’s a movement, and we all need one, every day!”). Of course, he is a faux Olympian.

And the over-the-top sentimentality that infuses the stories told about the athletes has become virtually unbearable.

I was even among those who celebrated when Chicago lost the battle to host the 2016 summer games. For the sake of London and Olympic fans everywhere, let’s hope we were wrong about the toll the games take on the host city. But the stories that have been reported so far suggest there will be problems.

How would you feel if you spent 4 hours trying to prevent your bladder from exploding during what should have been a 45 minute trip?

I really didn’t want to know that last bit of news, but it’s unavoidable. Even when I just want to catch the weather and traffic before leaving for work, there’s an Olympic Update. So it can’t be ignored, but I really won’t be watching too closely.

Is that unpatriotic? Is there an obligation to spend the next two and a half weeks cheering for America, as if winning more medals than the other guy means anything?

There is one thing about the Olympics that has caught my attention, and maybe it’s one of the reasons for this lack of interest.   As the IOC’s standard lie goes, the Games aren’t supposed to be political.

If you care, here’s hoping you enjoy the games.  I’ll probably be watching Cubs baseball instead. That’s how little I care.


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