Cubs In Haiku: Meet The New Guys

Cubs In Haiku: Meet The New Guys

From Texas – Brigham
Vizcaino and Chapman
Come from Atlanta

The rebuilding we were promised has begun in earnest. For a while last night it seemed like half the team might have ended up hugging their teammates goodbye. Strange things happen as the trade deadline approaches, but Dale Sveum was honest … “I can’t lie to you, it was the first time I’ve ever gone through that”

So far it’s just two trades involving six players, although Ryan Dempster’s schedule start tonight still isn’t a sure thing.

Geo Soto goes to the Rangers for pitcher Jacob Brigham and the always exciting “Player To Be Named Later” (or maybe some cash … or maybe Harry Chiti).

In exchange for Reed Johnson and Paul Maholm, the Braves sent two more pitchers – Arodys Vizcaino and Jaye Chapman.

Soto and Johnson were both fan favorites, and Maholm has been impressive – one of the reasons the Cubs were able to include him in a trade. But nobody should be surprised.

It was just a little strange to see it happening in the middle of the game Monday night.


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