Cubs In Haiku: A Pivotal Week

Cubs In Haiku: A Pivotal Week

A winning road trip
Two Cubs will be called All-Stars
The week it all changed?


We might look back on the past seven days as the week that the Cubs turned around their 2012 season. Sort of. By splitting four games against the Braves and winning two of three at Not Shea Stadium, the Cubs managed their first winning road trip of 2012.

And that’s a major turning point in this season. Especially (or, perhaps more accurately, only) if you subscribe to the “on a pace to … ” school of statistical analysis and have a low bar for what’s a “major” turning point.

Before the road trip, the Cubs were 29-49, on pace to lose 102 games – one short of the team record for futility, set twice in the sixties. A week later, the same calculation has the Cubs finishing with only 99 losses.

So it’s all turned around, right? Because of this winning road trip, the Cubs will lose FEWER than 100 games instead of MORE than 100 games this year. And they’re three times less likely (or maybe three games less likely – I’m not very good with statistics) to break the team record for losses in a season.

That’s something, right? … Right? … RIGHT???

Plus we’ve got two Cubs on the All-Star team. Maybe Castro will be the game’s MVP and LaHair will score the winning run for the National League.

Who says Cubs fans aren’t optimists? Oh, yeah, that would be me.

It’s been a dismal season and it’s not getting any better. The Cubs are tied with the Astros and Rockies for the worst teams┬átied with the Rockies as the second worst team in baseball (1/2 game “ahead” of the Astros). Even if they match this week’s winning pace for the rest of the season, they’ll win fewer than 70 games.

And it took them until the All-Star break to have a single winning road trip.

This year, we didn’t have to wait long for the glass to spill.

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