Health Care In Haiku: Obamacare Upheld

Health Care In Haiku: Obamacare Upheld

Supreme Court ruling
The Affordable Care Act


As you have likely heard, Chief Justice John Roberts joined some less conservative members of the Supreme Court to uphold, virtually in its entirety, the Affordable Care Act.

The result will be a more humane, more cost effective health care system with fewer people falling through the cracks and fewer taxpayer (and policyholder) dollars being spent treating uninsured people.

Which is good for Cubs fans, who need some serious counseling to survive this season.

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  • Chief Justice breaks ranks.
    Mandate Constitutional.
    Thanks, Mr. Roberts.

  • Roberts a surprise
    Could it have been 6-to-3?
    Kennedy said, "no!"

  • In America
    two things are now for certain:
    healthcare and taxes

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