HoHokam Haiku: Getting Ready For Baseball

Spring is in the air
HoHokam Park is ready
Games start this weekend

Our Arizona vacation will end on the day the Cubs play their first spring training game at HoHokam Park in Mesa. But, thanks to stadium manager Mark Gallo, we were able to visit the ballpark on the first day of our week in Arizona.

We drove to Sedona on Tuesday to see the beautiful red mountains there. And it was, indeed, a sight to behold.

But on Monday, we saw what an equally inspiring sight. An empty HoHokam Park as the crew got the place ready for the first Cubs game on Sunday. There’s something about seeing a place like this when it’ empty rather than how we typically see it – teeming with fans hungry for some basball.

If you’re going to be in Mesa when the Cubs aren’t playing, contact Mark (mark.gallo at mesaaz dot gov) and see if can arrange to give you a wonderful tour of the ball park.

You won’t regret it.

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