Tickets In Haiku: Cubs Sell 3 Million

Tickets In Haiku: Cubs Sell 3 Million

Not to be picky
But this tweet is not correct
Lots of empty seats

I don’t want to be too critical of @CubsInsider – he seemed very nice when I met him at the Cubs Convention – but this tweet, which was sent out during Wednesday’s Cubs game is not really accurate.

As Pat Hughes and Keith Moreland remind us when discussing their “Attendance Game” contest guesses, they need to choose a number somewhat larger than what they see in the stands. This is because Major League Baseball counts paid attendance based on tickets sold rather than bodies in the seats.

So, to be a bit more accurate:

3 million tickets
Purchased by Cubs fans this year
But many stayed home

It’s an impressive number – Cubs fans are certainly loyal. I just wish a few more season ticket holders would give up their tickets instead of just staying home, so that I could move up a little on the season ticket waiting list where my number is about 17,700. But more on that later.


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  • It's funny because you are totally right. And I don't think that its just the Cubs that do this, MLB teams all across the country are probably reporting high numbers when in fact I would say that the national attendance average is way down.

    SpareFoot Chicago

  • In reply to SpareFoot:

    I think the way they count attendance is a league-wide policy.

    As Ed Sherman reports at Crain's Chicago Business, even counting tickets sold, the number is down slightly from last year and down 10% from 2008 - the last year the Cubs were in the playoffs.

    Sherman suggests that there may have been a record number of no-shows at Wrigley Field this year.

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