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Blackhawks in Haiku: Bruins 3, Blackhawks 0

Thomas shuts out Hawksand remain eighth in the WestNot what they wanted When Hawks play againit will be baseball seasonHope springs eternal 

Opening Day Haiku: What's New At Wrigley Field

Because On Opening Day, The Cubs Are In First Place
On Opening Day  There’s some new stuff at Wrigley For you to enjoy Yes, Cubs fans, next year is finally here once again. Tomorrow – Friday, April 1st –  the Chicago National League Baseball Club will begin another season of baseball at Wrigley Field.   From food, to rooftop advertisements, to the broadcast booth and... Read more »

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 3, Red Wings 2

Hossa in OTHis first goal against the WingsWins it for the Hawks 

Ballparks In Haiku: We're Number Three

There’s no place like home The Bleacher Report Has ranked all thirty ballparks Wrigley’s number three Despite all of its problems (crumbling concrete, narrow concourse, small seats, minimal legroom) I still take great pleasure watching baseball at Wrigley Field each summer.  There’s nothing like walking up the stairs from the concourse to the box seat... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Quade - F**k Yeah!

  Quade: I did it Carlos Silva shouldn’t blame Hendry or Riggins I can’t add much to Mike Quade’s reaction to Silva’s infantile rant after being told that the Cubs didn’t want him on the team: On Sunday morning, Cubs manager Mike Quade said it was his decision, and his decision alone to drop Silva... Read more »

Blackhawks in Haiku: Ducks 2, Blackhawks 1

Anaheim’s Corey Perry celebrates his game-winning goal against the Blackhawks during the third period. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Hossa’s goal in firstwasn’t enough for the HawksFall to 8th in West 

Good News In Haiku: Cubs Shed 280 Pounds

Adios, Carlos. Great news for Cubs fans 5th starter will be Cashner Not Carlos Silva My daughter woke me from an afternoon nap (it’s been a long week) to show me the headline – “Carlos Silva fails to make Cubs’ roster.” Like some bloggers who are much smarter than I am, the news was not... Read more »

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 4, Panthers 0

Marcus Kruger falls to the ice as Florida’s Ryan Carter skates past in the 1st period. Crawford’s fourth shut outKruger’s NHL debutBlackhawk’s keep fighting 

Public Address Haiku: Meet Andrew Belleson

The Cubs have chosen An Arlington Heights native For the P.A. job What I like the most His name’s perfect for haiku Andrew Belleson

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 2, Coyotes 1

Sharpy’s knee injuredCampoli’s first Hawks’ goalHawks win in Phoenix