Moreland In Haiku: Steve Goodman Knew Keith

In a famous song
The songwriter and Cubs fan
Mentioned Keith Moreland
Its a beautiful day for a funeral, Hey Ernie lets play two!
Somebody go get Jack Brickhouse to come back,
and conduct just one more interview
Have the Cubbies run right out into the middle of the field,
Have Keith Moreland drop a routine fly
Give everybody two bags of peanuts and a frosty malt
And I’ll be ready to die
Cubs songwriter Ted Norstrom has informed me that Moreland also sang backup on Goodman’s iconic “Go Cubs Go”.  You should visit Ted’s website for some great Cubs music, check out his tribute to Ron Santo and become a fan on Facebook 
Also, almost a year ago Bob Vorwald posted something on Chicago Baseball Stories that included a nice story about a phone call Steve Goodman made to Keith Moreland concerning the mention in A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request.  

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