Mayors In Haiku: Chicago's First Jew

Rahm at Manny's.jpg

Rahm Emanuel makes a stop at Manny’s Deli on election day (Tribune photo by José M. Osorio)

Some advice for Rahm
On how to make Chicago
A Jewish City
The good folks at Heeb have a special congratulatory message for Chicago’s first Jewish mayor. It’s a list of 10 suggestions for making Chicago a Jewish city.  I’m guessing that most of the people who read this blog aren’t familliar with Heeb, so be warned that you need a sense of humor to avoid being offended – although this piece isn’t quite as edgy as some of their other stuff.  
More beach cabanas
But a little less Old Style
And then, there’s baseball
I’m referring to item 7 from Heeb’s list:
One of the baseball teams has to start winning so the Jews know to root for the other one. National vs. American League is irrelevant; we just need to know if it’s the Cubs or the Sox who are destined to suck forever.
Heeb is based in New York, so this litte superiority dance is to be expected. But … 
Cubs fans do not need
A winning south side rival
To know we’re G-d’s team
Arnold Kanter of Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston wrote a book on the subject.   “Is G-d A Cubs Fan?” has garnered praise from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, historian Doris Kearnes Goodwin and author Scott Turow.  
You’re not Jewish?  Then check out Eric M. Pazdziora’s “Why G-d Is A Cubs Fan” from the UrbanFaith blog.  Eric argues that G-d has unconditional love for the people G-d chooses, just as Cubs fans have unconditional love for their team.  
Sure, we complain, we protest by not renewing our season tickets or by boycotting the Cubs Convention … we do all of those things and more.  But when opening day rolls around on April 1st, if we weren’t able to get tickets to see the game in person at Wrigley Field, we’ll be gathered around televisions, radios or MLB Gameday displays as another summer of baseball begins.     
Just as G-d intended

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