Surveys In Haiku: The Cubs Have Some Questions

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The Cubs want to know
How you’d improve Wrigley Field
But something’s missing
This morning I received an email from the Cubs asking me to participate in a survey about ways to “improve the fan experience at Wrigley Field”.  The survey began by soliciting my opinion about food, parking, location, navigational signs, additional night games, a scoreboard with replays, etc.  There were also questions about technology to allow fans to view replays on mobile device, pay for concessions with a prepaid “Cubs Card” (which might also be used to store ticket purchases and provide access to the ballpark) and order food via mobile device to be picked up at the concession stands.  Then came a series of questions about “premium” seating packages that would cost tens of thousands of dollars per season.  This included possibly selling season tickets for the Dugout Boxes with special lounges and food packages included.  
So what was missing?
No questions about the team
They put on the field
Yeah, I know, this was the “Wrigley Field Product Offering Quality Assessment Survey” and there’s a good argument to be made that decisions about player talent should be made not by ignorant fans but by knowledgable baseball professionals.  I’m just not sure how many of those are in the Cubs front office. At least they could have asked if fans agree with Tom Ricketts about Jim Hendry’s skills as a GM.  And the use of the words “Products Offering” in the title makes me worry that despite the Rickettses words to the contrary, they still have at least a part of the Tribune mindset that their product is Wrigley Field and not a professional baseball team.  
The fine print at the bottom of the email says I got it because I’ve purchased Cubs tickets. If you didn’t receive the email invitation and want to provide your input, you can access the survey on the Cubs website. However, it appears there are some differences if you use the website link.  The name is different – the words “Product Offering” are not part of the title of the survey if accessed from the website.  Also missing are the questions about the very expensive premium seats.  
It might not include all of the things you’d like to say to Cubs management right now, but at least they’re asking questions about something.  And there is an open ended item at the end, so you do have a chance to vent about whatever you want.  
The most interesting things I saw suggested were mobile device access to replays and the ability to use a prepaid “Cubs Card” not just to pay for concessions but to store ticket purchases.  But I worry that because they already charge $2.50 for me to save them money by printing my tickets at home, they might charge even more for the new technology.  
If you take the time to complete the survey, let me know what you think in the comments.  

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