Treatments In Haiku: Anger Mangement

Carlos Zambrano
Will be spending some time in 
Anger management
Paul Sullivan reports … 
Carlos Zambrano will be placed on the restricted list, undergo a treatment program and will not return to the team until after the All-Star break, the Cubs said Monday.
In the aftermath of Zambrano’s dugout tirade Friday, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry spoke Monday to representatives from Major League Baseball and the players union, as well as to the pitcher and his agent, Barry Praver. 
Zambrano’s indefinite suspension will be limited to three games and end Tuesday, when he will be placed on the restricted list. He will receive full pay and benefits while on the restricted list, though he was not paid for the three days he was suspended.

But if you read on
You find Hendry’s admission
“We all make mistakes”
Well, not really an admission of Hendry’s responsibility … 
“We all make mistakes,” Hendry said. “He’s probably made a few more in the last couple years than we’d like. I’m sure he feels remorseful.” 
Is it possible
Hendry sees no irony
In what he’s saying?

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