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Cubs In Haiku: White Sox 3, Cubs 2

Tribune photo by Chris Sweda For second straight start Carlos Silva falls victim  To Cubs poor offense What’s it gonna take To get our offense hitting And scoring some runs

Milestones In Haiku: Cubs Play 20,000th Regular Season Game

Saturday night’s game Was the Cubs twenty-thousandth Regular Season First big league franchise To reach this “games played” milestone So … we’re number one! Go ahead … make jokes Our team’s post-season record No milestone setter Cubs in the playoffs Have played just 81 games And lost 54

Draft in Haiku: Day 1

With 24th pickin the 2010 DraftThe Blackhawks take Hayes And they trade last pickto the New York Islandersfor second round picks The Blackhawks now have 5 picks (35, 43, 54, 58, 60) in the second round on Saturday.

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 6, Cubs 0

Bo knows baseball Sox a perfect “10” And to quote Cubs in Haiku…..“Peavy dominates“

Haiku Meltdown: Zambrano Loses His Mind

 ... were harmed at The Cell on Friday
Carlos Zambrano was about to explode after the bottom of the first Carlos Zambrano Indefinite suspension For this explosion: If MLB has already forced YouTube to take down the video, just click here for video from the MLB website.  Then explain to me why MLB doesn’t allow embedding of their videos. After an awful first inning,... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: White Sox 6, Cubs 0

Chicago Tribune Photo by Chris Sweda Big Z exploded After awful first inning  More on that later Peavy dominates  Better teams would have struggled  The Cubs had no chance

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 3, Mariners 2

Just enough offense From the Cubs lineup Thusday But Lilly got screwed Has quality start Six innings and just one run Then leaves with score tied Marmol in the ninth Pitches himself into jam And then out again Cubs score in thirteenth Creating win for Grabow If the bullpen holds Howry gets two outs Then... Read more »

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 2, Braves 0

Sox win streak at NINE  As Konerko hits homerun Let’s make the streak TWELVE

Keith in Haiku: Big Winner

One thing left to do / He must find a good dentist / and get some new teeth
His best year ever?Gold Medal, Cup, and Norris,and seven new teeth!

Blackhawks in Haiku: Jonathan Toews Is Game

It’s the Captain’s turnto appear on the coverBack-to-back Blackhawks