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Penalty Box in Haiku: Heckler Gets A Face Full

Don’t mess with Duncanwhen he’s sitting in the box.This is what you’ll get Check out how Duncan Keith handled a heckler while he sat in the penalty box during Game 4 last Thursday.

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 4, Brewers 3

This was probably not the most popular concession stand at Wrigley Field Monday night (Chicago Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez) Cold night at WrigleyBut Cubs fans go home happyAfter walk off walk Bottom of the tenth A-Ram watches four pitches With bases loaded

Illegal Haiku: Spring Training Warning

I only occasionally write about politics here, and try to find a Cubs connection, however tenuous, when I do.  Since the Cubs  spring training home is in Arizona, I figured there’s a sufficient connection for me to post this. A Mesa police officer checks the papers of a suspected undocumented resident … or maybe this... Read more »

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 3, Mariners 2

Sox sweep Mariners John Danks goes to three and 0 Konerko hero

Hossa in Haiku: He's No Ovechkin

Marian Hossa celebrates his OT goal in Game 5. (Chicago Tribune Photo) NHL decidesMarian Hossa will playMonday in Nashville

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 12 Brewers 2

A home run derbyKosuke, Tylermania! ┬«Soto and D. Lee Dominant offenseCubs scored in seven inningsBrewers in just two Sweep to end road tripHelps ease Cubs fans’ depressionFrom this year’s slow start Monday at WrigleyA win against NationalsBack to .500 ┬« Tylermania! is a registered trademark of A League Of Her Own

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 5, Brewers 1

Ted Lilly’s returnLong awaited by Cubs fansTurns out quite well, thanks

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 5, Mariners 4

Back to back walk-offs First time since ’67 Tonight it’s Rios!!

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 5, Predators 4

The Blackhawks celebrate their Game 5 victory. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Kane forces OTHossa gets the winning goalHawks lead the series!! Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1: Blackhawks 3, Predators 2

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 8, Brewers 1

Dempster and MarmolCombine to hold the BrewersTo a single run