Pictures of My Day at Wrigley Field...and a Pujols Question for Tom Ricketts!

This was NOT Carlos Zambrano.   This was in the visitor's dugout.  The caption reads, "I'm sorry, Carp", whom I presume means Chris Carpenter.  Did someone screw up in the field and take it out on the defenseless drinking fountain?
Yesterday, compliments of JDRF I was able to spend a few hours at Wrigley Field.  For someone who always dreamed about taking the field for the Cubs as a kid, this is as close as I will ever get.  It was a surreal experience.  We had a blast. While there I bumped into owner Tom Ricketts. ... Read more »

Win a Chance To Tour Wrigley Field

Earlier I wrote about the wonderful Best Of Illinois Event the JDRF is having on May 19th to benefit diabetes research and honor Ron Santo and Tom Ricketts.  Now there’s a chance for you to win 2 free “Friendly Confines” tickets.  Each ticket includes the following: Dinner at buffet stations located around Wrigley Cocktails Access... Read more »

Help Bring Home a Cure

Ever wonder what it’s like to step out onto Wrigley Field? Or take a swing in the batting cages?  Maybe chum around in the locker room or dugout?  For those of us who can’t throw a 95 mph fastball, turn a double play, or hit a 450 foot home run, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation... Read more »