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Thoughts and Photos from the Instructional League: Position Players (plus an early peek at Thomas Hatch)

Thoughts and Photos from the Instructional League: Position Players (plus an early peek at Thomas Hatch)
There are 60 or so photos here, mostly of players you may have heard about but not seen.  Right now they are all position players with one exception, the first pictures of top 2016 pick, 3rd round RHP Thomas Hatch (he’s toward the end).  So far the players have been running drills, so we don’t... Read more »

Photo Gallery: The AZ Rookie Level Cubs

Dylan Cease
This is just another collection of Mesa photos.  I consolidated a few older photos with some new photos I took last night, so there are a few repeats in this one.  I also added some pics that I left off before because the quality wasn’t all that great, but I figured something is better than... Read more »

Daily Cubs Minors Recap: Soler gets call, Cease sharp; Myrtle Beach offense provides fireworks, lots of PICS from Mesa

Andruw Monasterio
It was the 4th, so we were doing the BBQ, beers, and fireworks thing while catching a few innings of the Mesa game in between.  This is the last day of my parent’s visit, so please consider this a catch-all post until the recap after the game. Some promotion news: Jorge Soler gets the call... Read more »

Photos and impressions from my first rookie league game in Mesa

Players not in uniform watching game from the stands
Earlier this year I went to a spring training game at Sloan Park.  It was a beautiful, sunny spring day, which here in the valley usually means 85-90 degrees.  The stadium was bustling with fans, some local, and some tourists looking to get their first glance at the 2015 Cubs.   It’s fan-friendly and we... Read more »

Photo Gallery: 2014 Tennessee Smokies

Albert Almora
One of our longtime readers, “Cliff1969”, happens to be a pretty good photographer and he has recently attended some Smokies games in Birmingham.  He was kind enough to share a bunch of pictures with me that you will undoubtedly see me use from time to time as our featured image on the recaps.  But there... Read more »

Observations and Photos from the Kane County Games This Weekend

Jeffrey Baez
This is a joint effort here by Mauricio and me — and my wife, who took the photos for this piece.  My wife and I were at the game Sunday and Mauricio was there both Saturday and Sunday.  I  added the photo gallery with about 40 pictures some of the new players and a few... Read more »

Daily Cubs Minors Recap: Bryant, Baez, Soler hit HRs; Russell debuts; Hendricks promotion? BP Top 50; PHOTOS/VIDEO

Addison Russell
If you like the Cubs Magnificent 7 and HRs, then this recap is for you.  Addison Russell made his debut but Bill McKinney and the Daytona Cubs were rained out Kyle Hendricks had a short stint and all signs point to a promotion to Chicago in the next few days, most likely for a start... Read more »

Kane County Photo Gallery: Schwarber, Tseng, Hannemann. and many more

Kyle Schwarber
I will have the recaps later this morning, so in the meantime here are some pics of the Kane County game yesterday.

Cubs Minor League Photo Gallery: Your 2014 Kane County Cougars and some bonus shots of Almora

3B Jordan Hankins
There are some new players to get to know and it always helps to be able to put a face to the name.  Here are some of the players from the 2014 Kane County Roster.  We’ll get more as the season goes on. Also, thanks to reader Matt McNear, who sent us some updated photos... Read more »

Sneak Peek at Cubs New Park in Mesa

Here in Chicago it’s cold and snowy but baseball is just around the corner.  There are 39 days left until Cubs pitchers and catchers report according to our countdown clock on the right hand rail. When they do report, the team will have a new ballpark.  It’s still being worked on but thanks to reader... Read more »