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John Arguello, Founder (1969-2017)

Arguello has been a Cubs fan for as long as he can remember.

As a kid he heard stories about Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, and Billy Williams as well as the Milt Pappas perfect game that "shoulda been". That's what made him love the Cubs.

It also helped that the crosstown rival White Sox were on Channel 44 and, no matter how he adjusted the rabbit ears on my 1970's black and white Zenith TV, he couldn't get anything but a gloomy picture of Comiskey Park and those odd uniforms...were they really wearing shorts or did the antenna need to adjusting again?

Anyway, great stories and a clear reception is as good a reason as any to become a fan. And a century of"wait 'til next year" has yet to change his mind.


Michael Ernst, Minor League Recap Writer/ Lead Analyst

Suburban Chicago native and lifelong Cubs fan. Michael has lived all across the upper Midwest and currently resides in Iowa where he is employed as a software developer. Doing his best to live up to John's legacy of love for the process, and to provide the extensive Minor League coverage that Cubs Den readers have come to expect.

Twitter: @mj_ernst

Michael Banghart,  Lead Recap Writer/Analyst

A teacher by day and blogger by night. He does both jobs poorly. He has a deep love for Mark Bellhorn, whether jokingly or otherwise is still undetermined. His work has been found at World Series Dreaming, Cubs Insider, and Baseball Prospectus Wrigleyville. Michael is just happy to be here and hopes to help the team.

For any feedback, comments, or suggestions, you can contact Michael below.

Email: mbanghar@gmail.com

Myles Phelps, Podcast Host/Recap Writer/Analyst

Myles has lived in more places than you. At least probably. California, Texas, St. Louis (boo), New York, back to Texas, to Illinois, and now in Seattle.

Through it all, he's always maintained his loyalty to the Chicago Cubs. Check out pictures of him as a kid at his mom's house. He'll have a Cubs hat on in most of them. Actually, don't do that. You'll freak out Mama Phelps. Just take our word for it, you creep.

With a girlfriend named Jordan, a cat named Obie, and a dog named Bunk (shout out to "The Wire" enthusiasts), Myles now lives in Seattle. A graduate of DePaul University, he majored in Political Science and minored in Philosophy thinking he was going to make a difference in the world. Now he just talks about sports. Whoops.

Before he had season tickets of his own, as a child, Myles used to attend Wrigley with his great-grandpa, grandma, and parents. That's 4 generations of Cubs fans in one place. Sprinkle a little Sammy Sosa home run action and you have a little kid hooked. Since then, he's followed his favorite team religiously through good and bad. That's a common Cubs cliche, but just trust that he's sincere and not a wiener.

Email: CubsDen@mylesphelps.com

Twitter: @mphelps11


Sam Fels, Feature Writer/Recap Writer

Sam is the editor of FaxesfromUncleDale.com, in pursuit of being the best alcoholic, sports photoshopper and ranter on the internet. His writing can be found here and at Baseball Prospectus Wrigleyville.

Twitter: @felsgate @realfansprogram


Stephanie Lynn, Minor League Contributor

Stephanie grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where she fell in love with Cubs baseball, and still remains a loyal fan today while living in Maryland. She also enjoys taking photographs of the on-field action during the games she attends. Since Wrigley Field isn’t an option on the east coast, there’s no place Stephanie rather take in a game than PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Twitter:  @SRL590


Sean Atchley, Game Recap Writer

Sean Atchley (formerly known as TheSinisterUrge) grew up a baseball junkie, and has been a Cubs fan since 1986 (you can thank/blame WGN for that).  HIs favorite player growing up was Shawon Dunston, and he has the Little League photos in a #12 jersey and ridiculous wrist bands to prove it.  Today he is an ordinary fan who knows nothing more than you do, except that John Arguello once chose him to write for his excellent blog.  Sean is a proud father of two boys, and teaches History in Kansas.

Twitter: @sampatchley


Tom Usiak, Minor League Contributor

Born and raised on Chicago's Northwest side, attending Ladies' Day games with his mother and walking five miles to Wrigley Field with his brother has made Tom Usiak a Cubs fan for as long as he can remember. A social worker and former teacher, an early interest in player development was natural for Tom, as he remembers following the minor league careers of players such as Bill Caudill, Donnie Moore, Karl Pagel, Lee Smith, and Jim Tracy in the late 1970's.

Know as "Tom U" across the internet, Tom is entering his eighth year covering the Cubs minor league system, writing for prestigious sites such as Chicago Cubs Online and Cubs Den. Over that period, Tom has published interviews with top prospects such as Aramis Ademan,Willson Contreras,Jeimer Candelario,Dylan Cease,Ian Happ,Eloy Jimenez,and Gleyber Torres.

Tom also has a close working relationship with the front offices of all four of the Cubs' full season minor league teams. A guest on South Bend Cubs play-by-play man Darin Pritchett's radio show on WSBT radio for the fourth straight year, Tom has also written monthly articles for the South Bend Cubs' stadium program.

Twitter: @The_Tom_U


Sean Holland, Preview Writer/Recap Contributor

Sean was born and lives in Billings, Montana. He is a 4th generation Cubs fan. Going all the way back to when his great grandfather lived in Chicago. Having a degree in history he enjoys bringing the historical perspective to baseball. The history of the Simpsons is a particular area of expertise. He also contributes to Cubs Insider and hosts a podcast: Holy Cow A Cubs Podcast. Sean usually attends Cubs games in Denver every year he can.

Twitter: @sth85