Morning Cubs Roundup: It's Opening Day, enjoy it!

It’s been a long spring, coming after a long winter, and a long fall (with just a short stint of fall baseball for the Cubs), and a long summer…

It’s been a forever 13 months. For everyone. As Cubs fans, we’ve had little to cheer about, despite the fact our team managed to win the Central Division in 2020. It was an ugly win, with many of the team’s star players failing to put up their usual numbers. The Cubs were a flawed team, despite their victories, and most sensed the Cubs stint in the playoffs would be short lived. Any hope for an overhauled roster during the offseason quickly dissipated when the Cubs traded away their one star player who burned brightest last season.

I can understand if some fans feel the 2021 season will just be more of the same. The offense remains mostly intact, without the “fix” we’ve been promised the last couple of offseasons. The pitching staff is aging, and is without the staff ace and closer from last year. No prospects managed to force their way on to the Opening Day roster, save Adbert Alzolay, who has been around long enough that a bit of the unknown element has been eliminated from his game.

It would be easy to look at a roster with half of the players set to become unrestricted free agents next winter, and no players under the age of 26, and feel deflated.

Hope can be difficult to muster, even during the time of the year when it springs eternal. But at least for today, I urge all to stay positive, to find hope where you can and grasp it.

Remember, sports are supposed to be fun. This is entertainment. And today is a time to celebrate that.

I know from my end of things I am super excited to get Minor League Baseball back, even if it is in an altered form. Not only do the Cubs have an exciting batch of young players set to make their organizational debuts this year, but the Cubs former top boss has also set up some experiments for new rules throughout organized ball with the hope of kindling more excitement within the game.

I’m also curious how the roster evolves over the course of the season. Changes are coming. The thought of losing some great players makes me sad, but it is also energizing. For whatever reason, the mix hasn’t worked as well since 2016, and time is almost up for this core. Today marks both a beginning and an end for this group of Cubs players. Service time demands it, and age is an opponent no one has managed to conquer yet.

If you can, I would urge you to find as much hope and pleasure from the start of this new season as you can. And hold onto it as long as possible. You deserve it. We all do.

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  • Welcome back as well. I have no expectations this year except hoping Cubs are able to trade Bryant for value. Since he got beamed in the head he has not been the same. There will be a domino effect with Bote and Hoerner. I like the Pederson acquisition as now the Cubs have 4 OF'ers who can play all OF positions.

    As for the rest including pitching, we shall see what the results will be.

  • April is huge for this team. I think that fans will have a pretty good idea where our year is headed by May. It's basically the same team, with few upgrades and downgrades here and there around the edges of the core.

  • I find a whole variety of probs with the team. This was lease engaged i was in ST for a long time. But these complaints can be things I ponder for the next 161 games..........

    I love Opening Day. So for today, I am just going enjoy baseball being back. :)

  • In reply to HJW49:

    Have no idea what you are trying to post. lol

  • WOW,
    What a tough game to watch ! The pitchers need a guide dog to find the strike zone, against mighty Pittsburg !

  • After watching most of yesterdays game, I hope this isn't a preview of the upcoming season.
    I lot of scouts predicted the Cubs wouldn't be very good and I hope they would be wrong.
    Well, its a long season, let's wait and see !

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