The Den Podcast - Ep 40: Jared Wyllys, Handicapping a Kris Bryant Trade, and the Ducking Ricketts

Jared Wyllys of Sporting News and Forbes joined Myles to talk about a possible Kris Bryant trade and what it may entail. Plus are the Ricketts ducking fans at Cubs Con this year?


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  • I remember how excited I was back in 2013 when talking about KB after the draft. Then when he finally inked his deal in July everyone was mesmerized by his presence on the Cubs and MLB in general. Imo KB, Bryce, & Gallo were the talk of MLB at the time and rightfully so. Now there is elite talent all across baseball mainly due to technology. So the awesomeness of these guys is often forgotten. I just remember thinking KB would be a mix of Scott Rolen & Richie Sexson. Maybe it was because of the height & build of the players. Now when I look back on that thought, if you swap a few offensive & defensive stats from Rolen & Sexson, you get KB. Just a random thought I had lastnite while reminiscing of the rebuild.

  • He’s our best player. If he is traded, I hope we get more in return than we received to guys like Eloy Jimenez, Jorge Soler, Gleyber Torres, Tommy LaStella, Dylan Cease, Jeimer Candelario, Jason Hammel, and the Shark.

  • In reply to Roe Skidmore:

    World Series win would not have happened without some of these trades.

    Torres traded for Aroldis Chapman. Hurts now that Torres is a perennial all star.

    Shark was traded along with Hammel to Oakland for some shortstop who hit a huge grand slam in game 6 that year that put game on ice. His name was Addison Russell.

    Soler was a malcontent who demanded a trade. Cubs received wade davis for 2017 who was pretty good. Heyward was also acquired in 2016 that made outfield crowded.

    Eloy and cease traded for q which is hotly debated trade, but I liked.

    Lastella and candalerio=meh

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