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Wednesday: 7:05 PM CT on WGN/670AM



1. Adam Frazier (L) 2B
2. Starling Marte (R) CF
4. Josh Bell (S) 1B
5. Melky Cabrera (S) RF
6. Colin Moran (L) 3B
7. Jason Martin (L) LF
8. Erik Gonzalez (R) SS
9. Jordan Lyles (R) P
1. Daniel Descalso (L) 2B
2. Kris Bryant (R) 3B
3. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
4. Javier Baez (R) SS
5. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF
7. Jason Heyward (L) RF
9. Yu Darvish (R) P
Bullpen Usage

Lineups and Bullpen Usage via Baseball Press.

Opposing pitcher

Scouting Reports from Brooks Baseball.

Jordan Lyles: Jordan Lyles has thrown 13,292 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2010 and 2019, including pitches thrown in the MLB Regular Season and Spring Training. In 2019, he has relied primarily on his Curve using a Knuckle Curve grip (81mph) and Fourseam Fastball (93mph), also mixing in a Sinker (93mph) and Change (85mph). He also rarely throws a Slider (88mph).

His curve has primarily 12-6 movement, results in more flyballs compared to other pitchers’ curves, has a sharp downward bite and is slightly harder than usual. His fourseam fastball generates a high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers’ fourseamers, results in more flyballs compared to other pitchers’ fourseamers and has essentially average velo. His sinker is basically never swung at and missed compared to other pitchers’ sinkers, is an extreme flyball pitch compared to other pitchers’ sinkers and has little sinking action compared to a true sinker. His change generates a high number of swings & misses compared to other pitchers’ changeups, is slightly firmer than usual, has slight armside fade and has some natural sink to it. His slider is basically never swung at and missed compared to other pitchers’ sliders, is an extreme flyball pitch compared to other pitchers’ sliders, has much less depth than expected, is much harder than usual and has primarily 12-6 movement.

Sean’s Note: Lyles has bounced around splitting time between the Padres and Brewers in 2018. He hasn’t been a starting pitcher since 2015. He is a total reverse split pitcher, in 87 innings last year, right handed batters hit .296 against him while lefties hit .180. I don’t think I’ve seen a right handed pitcher with numbers like that.

Sean’s Note: The Cubs and MLB are going to try and play the game tonight. The forecast still looks iffy, but the White Sox did play today so it’s possible. Darvish has looked shaky so far, so a good start would be nice. Daniel Descalso gets another shot in the leadoff spot.



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  • Here is my bold prediction.........Tyler Chatwood will pitch better Sunday than Darvish pitches tonight. I also think that Chatwood has at least a chance to be a more important part of the staff by season's end. Mind you, this is not my belief, just a bold prediction. That being said, I drafted Darvish in fantasy so I'm beyond hopeful that he can get over his many mental weaknesses, including pitching in the cold weather, and be a mainstay in the starting 5 all year.

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    My father in law, asked me my opinion on Darvish before his draft and I said I'd honestly stay away. I figured since I said that Darvish might end up proving me wrong.

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    "Mind you, this is not my belief, just a bold prediction. "

    hmmm...still trying to get my head around that.

  • In reply to Oneear:

    If you followed fantasy baseball you'd get it. "Bold predictions" are often a little outlandish.

  • Is the weather under 50 degrees, if so Maddon will be wearing the stocking cap, freezing. Sets a tough time for the team I guess.
    Let's hope Darvish starts pitching up to his capabilities. If that happens, we will have a starter that can give us some innings, and more victories than losses.

  • I'll leave the bold, pre-game predictions to INSaluki and others, as mine have fallen off further than our overall offense in the second half of last season. I believe there has been a moritorium put in place, and rightly so.

    I'm just looking forward to a W, and working on my new "victory-recap" schtick. My old question got stale. I remember the "Three Stars of the Game" was popular and missed by many. Maybe I could incorporate that into some lyrics?:

    Yu Darvish, Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo.
    Kris Bryant, Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo.
    El Mago, Doo, Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo,Doo.

    Sorry. I'll keep drinkin' and thinkin'..

    Go Cubs!

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    In reply to BarleyPop:

    I like our repartee, especially after a Cubs W. You're much more creative with lyrics and sayings, maybe I should just say "How about that, a Cubs win!" and you can say whatever you want. I also don't want this necessarily to be just a you and me thing. If anyone is creative please feel free to comment and I'll stand aside.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    I'm all for creativity, and the more the merrier. If someone comes up with something we can all get behind for 2019, bring it on.

    I know some folks think it's silly, and that's fine. I don't think having fun on a sports blog is a bad thing. In fact, sports are, or are supposed to be, entertainment. They drive us crazy at times. I feel down after a loss, and happy after a win. Life is too short to take things too seriously.

    Just in case anyone wants to point out the "purity" of Cubs Den, I'll refer you to early days when John openly encouraged creativity. He was the Walrus, and the original Fels mused about music nightly.

    "Goo, Goo, g'joob!"

  • I can’t believe they’re playing tonight , it’s cold!! Fans will need scarves and ski masks

    I’m really pulling for darvish, he was so positive and upbeat in spring training. His 1st start was a disaster 2nd was ehhh , pressure will mount if he doesn’t have quality or close to quality starts

  • In reply to bolla:

    I hope he's OK today, but my gut tells me it's a short start. He seems to, shall I say, not thrive when all conditions aren't to his liking.

    I hope I'm wrong.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:


  • Not supposed to rain or snow tonite, but effective temp is 31 degrees. So they will play, but will not be a lot of fun for the batters.

  • In reply to HefCA:

    Cold and howling wind blowing in couldn't keep the meatball Darvish served up in the yard.

    I think I've created a monster. WGN was just doing "Baby Shark" as they intro'd the Cubs' lineup heading into the bottom of the 1st, and Len and JD are still talking about it.


  • Another marvelous at bat by the overrated KB. He hasn’t done anything since 2017.

  • In reply to stix:

    Except get pegged in the noggin with a 96 MPH fastball and tear up his shoulder and re-agrevate a bum wrist.

    I do hope he gets back on track. I think he will.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Hasn’t done much But his reputation is he’s atop 3b even with those issues . Let’sgive Him a chance but let's tone Down the rhetoric until he earns his accolades subsequent to all his injuries.

  • In reply to stix:

    I didn’t like how he acted so sensitive to fan criticism recently in talks with the media. He didn’t come off as a guy that was unbothered by the criticism you can see it got to him. I personally don’t even understand why he thinks he’s been getting so much criticism I think if anything the fan base is as patient with him as anyone. I kinda wonder if he’s pressing in an attempt to get his power numbers back up

  • In reply to stix:

    But he was college player of the year in 2013 and minor league player of the year in 2014! lol

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    I just came in from outside and was wearing my winter coat. Still, think about football players playing in temperatures at least 30 degrees colder than this some time. Ouch!

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    I, seriously, broke out a bicycle for the warm days we've had recently (I'm currently back in the Chicagoland area). I just took it for the 2 mile round trip to gather a couple beverages before the game rather than firing up the truck.

    I wish I had worn gloves. Big difference from yesterday.

  • OMG nooo

  • Pitiful I know darvish batting doesn’t help but they’re making a pitcher the cubs should be knocking around look like Nolan Ryan out there. The cubs always seem to knock Jordan lyles around too this team just hates playing in the cold as usual

  • Ah the old runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs. I really really really don't want that to be a problem again this year. Zo and maybe Riz are the only ones who get it.

  • In reply to DarBar15:

    Well Descalso is hitting .346 coming in. Considering he is a CAREER .241 hitter, you have to imagine he will come crashing down to earth sooner rather than later. Not sure how putting a career .241 hitter should be leading off, but I'm no Joe Maddon.

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    Agreed Descalso hasn’t been effective in the leadoff spot also since joe has tried that. I honestly like Zobrist against righties with Rizzo as the backup considering he’s the greatest leadoff hitter ever with Almora and maybe Báez or Contreras against lefties. Those guys all seem to embrace the spot some guys just don’t like hitting leadoff

  • Does Jordan lyles actually have 7 Ks already are you kidding me??? Kudos to those of you who got him off waivers for fantasy lol

  • Here's a thought/question: A couple teams (St. Louis and the Sox) moved their opening day games to avoid some crappy weather. EVERYONE knew tonight was going to be nasty, although it's not as bad as originally predicted (rain,sleet,etc). Why wouldn't they have just played yesterday instead of today?

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    Oh oh oh ... I think I know this one. Because they have a game scheduled for tomorrow against the Pirates already?

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    that is why I said why didn't they play "YESTERDAY" not tomorrow : )

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    Ahhh ...Good point, and good question. Sorry for misunderstanding your question.

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    Descalso reminds me of DeRosa, in the sense that it was an underwhelming signing from the fan base and yet he's turned out to be a very good player.
    They've hit 2 line drives and we've hit pop-ups. Yu has very good stuff tonight but we need to support him. Right now he has to feel much better about this start than the others. He should go thru 6 innings easily unless something bad happens.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    He actually looking really good tonight...

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Um....DeRosa was a career .270 hitter, Descalso is a career .240 hitter. The only comparison I see is that they are "fan favorites". While I like "good guys" and hard workers, if you can't hit, it's tough for me to be a big fan.

  • That hitter sure looked out to me on replay why didn’t joe challenge that very surprising that was getting reversed

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Agree but no harm no foul as they got a DP from the next batter.

  • This is crazy heyward is a hr machine lol

  • Jhey is the new kris Bryant I guess let’s get going now boys

  • Do you think Heyward could teach KB the correct launch angle?

  • How could Heyward possibly hit that ball out......TO this cold and wind?? Who cares.............I love it. Way to go Jey Hey. If you keep doing this, this offense really can keep scoring runs.

    On a separate note, I've asked this before and I'm asking again. What in the world happened to Almora? After the first half of last year, he looks inept at the plate.

  • J-frickin-Hey!

    I've told this story before, but I lived in the Carolinas/Georgia when Heyward came up. The news of "the next Hank Aaron" was a daily thing, and the phrase "the ball just sounds different off his bat" became a running joke. I heard that a THOUSAND times even before I worked with him in Rome.

    If he could get back to a fraction of that hype, we're in good shape.

  • I hate to even bring this up, but looking at all these facemasks and long sleeves, could you even imagine what Soler would be wearing on a night like tonight? Would he even be able to move?

  • Disagree with taking darvish out. Thought he looked good all day and both of those hits were soft and somewhat fortunate. Only 3 hits coming into this inning as usual Maddon with his questionable pitching changes

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    Agree 100%. Guess Maddon wanted Darvish to feel good again about his game tonight.

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    Good point 2016 and that’s just the thing for me it almost seems like maddon’s extra protective of darvish to maybe avoid a blow up inning. But I just don’t feel that’s correct logic I think maddons goal should be to build his confidence and give him a chance to have the type of start that he can look at as a step in the right direction. To me in order to do that then Maddon needs to allow him to maybe try to pitch out of some of his own jams, and try to go deeper into the game. When the guy pitches efficiently which has been an issue in his cubs tenure and yet he gets the quick hook anyways then at least to me you can argue that’s counter productive to building up darvish’s confidence

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    I know, Darvish is not some youngster who needs to be cuddled. Those 2 single didn't even get out of the infield. Darvish was pitching good except for those 2 meatballs. Then he brings in a AAAA reliever.

  • Why would Maddon take Darvish out when he was only at 77 pitches and the two hits in the inning were seeing eye hits. UGH. And I typed this BEFORE that run scoring hit FTR.

  • In reply to INSaluki:

    Agreed Saluki. If he had the same line but with say 6 hits and 3-4 walks then it would’ve been an understandable move. But I thought darvish was for the most part stifling them all day. I think even he would admit the fastball command within the strike zone can certainly get better but 0 walks and only 3 hits coming into the season. Must be frustrating for him to not only not be allowed to get the quality start but to also be pulled on a check swing infield blooper. Joe just to accept that his quick hooks of the starters is and has been hurting this team

  • In reply to kkhiavi:

    *Coming into the inning

  • I had read some stuff about Ryan, and how he comes off the mound off the 1B side, but dang, he comes waaaaay off the 1B side. Could be a killer LOOGY, at least until next year.

  • I've seen Heyward hit the ball exactly where KB just did too many times, but thank you for the shift. This ain't over.

    We Never Quit.

    Go Cubs!

  • El Mago!

  • I still will never understand why a pitcher would ever throw Javy a strike. It makes absolutely no sense but I'm certainly not complaining !!

  • I watched that game last year when the braves were kicking the cubs butt in cold weather and the cubs rallied late from 8 runs down.That's why I never turn the game off

  • Did all these Cubs fans go to bed, or give up? C'mon, man.

    Did you see Javy shaking his hands after making less-than-solid contact on this cold night? That does hurt like hell.

  • 2 K’s tonight with man on 3rd and less than 2 outs. Have to score those guys.

  • Another runner stranded at third with less than 2 out.

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  • Damn, that was so close to being something. But it was nothing. Yet. There has to be an inspirational something in there somewhere. I don't know.

    We got three more outs.

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    If we said a left hand hitter on the Cubs got 3 hits tonight with one HR Heyward would have been way down the list. Rizzo and Schwarber would have been the undeniable favorites. We have such a potentially potent lineup without counting Heyward. If he can hit .270 think what’s possible.

  • Willson taking the ball the other way in the 8th with men on 2nd and 3rd - solid, but at the RF. If only...

    I was encouraged by Darvish tonight. Threw a couple of meatballs, but some of his stuff was nasty and he could have probably gone 7. Good sign for the rest of the year...

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