With Yu Darvish The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

In an off season that seems to be in a state of paralysis, the speculation over free agent starter Yu Darvish continues to mount. A flurry of conflicting reports emerged tonight on the tall right hander’s future roiled the internet.

The first report Monday was good news for the Cubs. Jon Morosi went on MLB Network radio to say Darvish preferred Chicago over other bidders especially the Minnesota Twins. Morosi said the talk among baseball executives was the Cubs would likely sign him even if the Twins offered more money.

Cubs fans had little time to feel good about this news before a new report dropped. Los Angeles Times Dodgers beat writer Andy McCullough mentioned in a question and answer session Darvish wants to remain in LA:

Yes. My understanding is that Yu Darvish has made clear he would like to return to the Dodgers, and part of the delay in his free agency is related to waiting to see if the team can move some of the money. The Dodgers have explored scenarios for moving useful but (theoretically) extraneous assets such as Yasmani Grandal, Logan Forsythe and Hyun-Jin Ryu. Given the fact that those players are still Dodgers and Darvish is still a free agent, you can guess how the market has reacted to this gambit by the front office.

The Dodgers need to clear salary to stay under the luxury tax threshold. LA has gone over the threshold the last 5 seasons and would be due a massive fine if they went over again. Thus the odds of moving any of these albatross contracts to get Darvish are still very low.

Just when that was starting to ripple through the web, another beat writer jumped into the fray. This time TR Sullivan who covers the Texas Rangers for MLB.com said Darvish preferred to stay in Texas and was waiting for their offer.


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  • I read the Dodger preference, didn’t see this new Ranger one. I also read a Kemp to Cubs trade rumor... Somebody is playing somebody(ies). It’s getting kind of old, but ST starts in roughly 2 1/2 weeks & maybe we’ll have some answers.

  • The luxury tax threshold is $197. I read on Twitter (so it has to be true) that the Dodgers sit at $193. So they need to clear $20m+? Color me a skeptic.

    I suspect the staring contest between Darvish and the Cubs continues. And I don’t expect Theo to blink.

  • Would you consider Theo blinking if he went 5 years / 125 million

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    Yes. Anything over four years.

  • In reply to Cubswin09:

    I think Theo will blink and give 5 years

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    I think Darvish will fart and sign for 4 with an apology for the delay

  • In reply to Hey Hey:

    Ha ha! Nice...

  • I wonder which agent(s) of which player(s) has the ear(s) of the sports writers to give them the inside scoop?

    Is it Darvish's team trying to drive up his price and/or years? Or Jake's team, or Cobb's team or Lynn's team trying to divide Darvish from a team so their client can get a nice deal. Frankly, this is kind of fun to read.

    To me, what this clearly implicates, is that Clay Buccholz will sign a minor league deal with the Rangers.

  • Yes every teams beat writers think darvish prefers to sign with their teams. National writers are saying the cubs are the favorites. the Reality is the brewers can't outbid the cubs which is why they quickly signed cain, the dodgers & yankees are trying to avoid the luxury tax and will have to move salaries to sign darvish. so that leaves the twins and cubs. Multiple Twins beat writers tweeted last week the twins aren't gonna outbid the cubs nobody left will. Cubs will overpay but darvish is better than any other free agent starting pitcher, he has 5-6 pitches and I think would thrive on the cubs. With the coaching changes and a hungry team I'd feel the same way going into 2018 as I felt going into 2016. Cubs would be strong from top to bottom & the best team in the NL.

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    All these reports and rumors are mostly hot air. Often leaks from someone to shape negotiations. If Darvish had a preferred landing spot he would have already signed. None of these reporters know what Darvish and his agents are really thinking. The lack of news has created a vacuum that any bit of information will instantly fill. We know the Cubs are involved other than that just have to play the waiting game.

  • In reply to Sean Holland:

    "Aw, the waiting game sucks let's play Hungry Hungry Hippo", Homer Simpson.

  • Dont care.........would STILL prefer Arrieta over Darvish anyday if the years were the same. You know what you are getting with Jake......even at average he avoids the DL whereas Darvish is on it way too often......dont want to be paying for a player sitting hurt all the time. Its one thing paying for Heyward but at least he is usable everyday.
    Plus Jake steps up and always has when given the ball in big games. What Darvish did in the playoffs was not too impressive.

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Yes we know exactly what we're getting with jake a pitcher with declining velocity & no control who walked 10 batters in his 2 '17 postseason starts and couldn't make it thru 5 innings in either game because of it. The same people who want arrieta back ironically wanted wade davis back. Too much nostalgia around here. It is not 2015

  • In reply to bolla:

    '15 wc game vs the pirates who jake dominated all year, and games 2 and 6 of the world series where technically arrieta wasn't that sharp every other postseason start jake has been garbage or underwhelming. let some other team pay for the name and his past performances.

  • In reply to bolla:

    I agree. I was a huge Jake fan girl. Watching him pitch was like must see tv.

    But took off rose colored glasses last year. I don't want him back. B/c I don't think he is the same player that I loved watching.

  • In reply to HJW49:

    Arrieta and Darvish actually have very similar numbers over the previous 2 years. Arrieta has declined to the point where he matches Darvish, production wise. I've gone back and forth over who I prefer (the nostalgia and love for Jake help his case). In the end, I think it comes down to who you believe can stay healthy. I have no clue who that is because I know next to nothing about pitch mechanics efficiency, but I do know Arrieta keeps himself in remarkable shape.
    Additionally though, Arrieta would cost the Cubs an implicit draft pick, where Darvish would not. This has to be a pretty large factor.

  • In reply to HJW49:


  • In reply to bolla:

    If you go back over every one of your previous posts you will see you’ve been dogging Arrieta since day one. Ok.......we get it.
    But, its not being nostalgic comparing their records. Arrieta has not just fallen off the cliff like you feel. Everyone knows his fitness regimen and there has never been a report about him fawning to haul ass out of Chicago. His record even in the so-called off years is still impressive.
    The narrative has been that he doesnt re-sign here but he isnt the one saying it, Boras sells snake oil.
    Your comment about him not making it past the 5th inning? Yet you want Darvish and his TWO innings?
    May be just me but I dont get it........

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    In reply to Wickdipper:

    I was at game 3 of the NLCS. I seem to remember Darvish doing pretty well against the Cubs...

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Win loss records is not a good barometer for pitchers because so many factors go into getting a win. Sorry I've been saying since 2016 I didn't want jake back, it's nothing personal I think his value won't be worth it. His "aces get 7 years" non sense is why. He thinks he's better than he really is his contract would be an albatross. 2015 looks like an anomaly. If jake would take 3 years I'd be all for it but we know he won't. I'd prefer the cubs didn't sign any of the free agent pitchers and just keep their fingers crossed that montgomery,tseng and eventually alzolay could get it done but if they want to win another world series or 2 they need another tor starter so give me darvish. He's better than cobb and arrieta every pitching metric says so. Darvish is like icing on the cake at this point, because a rotation of lester,hendricks,quintana,darvish and chatwood is very strong and the cubs would be stacked the whole 25 man roster.

  • In reply to bolla:

    Definitely agree that what he is asking for is not worth it and seriously doubt he comes close to it.

  • Agreed that I don't want Arrieta to return but am also having doubts about Darvish. Being old, I have a lot of issues for someone who doesn't want to be in Chicago. Signing a guy for 4 or even (heaven forbid) 5 years that isn't really fired up to be part of the team leaves me greatly suspect. Let A, D, Cobb go their own way and eat up a fortune in salary for somebody else. We're in good shape 1-3 and maybe even #4. Don't mortgage the franchise to slide Lester or Q to a #4 starter.

  • In reply to veteran:

    Agree, I want another top stater, not another white elephant contract. Montgomery can be a good as a fifth starter and Deunsing allows us leverage and patients.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Montgomery is a fringe 5 at best, Chatwood is a 5 that you hope is maybe a 4. Quintana is a 2, Hendricks is a 3 and we're all hoping like the devil that Lester is a 2 again, although objectively I think he'll be a 4 based on last year. That's not nearly good enough to go into a playoff series and frankly leaves the division tighter than I would like to see. Darvish is a 1, he's not an ace, but he's a 1. Add him and you have guys all suited for spots in the rotation along with some nice depth with Tseng and Montgomery and maybe Smyly and Alzolay late in the season. I don't really want to go 5 years on Darvish but Theo could get creative and add the 5th year but only as a vesting option and in turn give him an opt out after 2020. If this is to be a World Series year they need Darvish.

  • In reply to TC154:

    I agree. If the Cubs go with Montgomery as their #5 I don't think they even get a wild card let alone the division.

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    Fangraphs is estimating the W/L record for all the teams as they are currently built. They have the Cubs with the second most wins in the NL behind the Dodgers. That record will win them the division.

  • In reply to John57:

    I actually think the Nationals may be better on paper then the Cubs or Dodgers. I don't take much stock in fangraphs estimating the W/L records or any other sites predictions. Might as well use a ouija board or psychic for their predictions.

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    I would not say that you and 154 are wrong, but you are projecting something that you cannot possibly know. I can guaranty that it's a burden to be holding a multiyear heavy dollars contract, that an organization is paying for past performance.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    That would depend on the number of years in signing a starting pitcher. If it is more then 4 years I agree. Maybe 4 years and a team option? I agree no one knows how the year will play out. I just think they need to sign another pitcher to be more of a sure thing to win the division.

  • In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    lol...The Cubs will win the NL Central whether Montgomery is in the Rotation or not! He won't be in the rotation! Your comment is the dumbest comment on here!

  • In reply to Cubswin18:

    If you don't agree with my post it does not make it the dumbest comment on here it just makes you wrong troll.

  • In reply to TC154:

    I think you are underestimating the Cubs rotation as it currently stands. But IMO they will eventually get Darvish but don't NEED him. I think at the beginning of the off season the Cubs were trying to get Cobb but now have set their sights higher since Cobb rejected their offer of 3/42 and all of the big spender teams are trying to stay under the salary cap. There are just not any teams out there currently willing to spend like drunken sailors. This is playing into Theo's hand. He is being patient and waiting out the players and their agents. I am betting (but not the house) that the players blink before the teams do.

  • In reply to John57:

    I'm with you. Maybe the Cubs have already offered Darvish five years and he's holding out for six, but I doubt it. I don't see any reason for the Cubs to blink. According to Keith Law, the Cubs have a bottom three farm system. They could make that even worse by locking in older players to long-term deals.

  • In reply to Cubswin09:

    I don't really listen to K Law's rankings of the farm systems. Most don't value depth and the Cubs have a lot of depth.

  • In reply to John57:

    Depth, meh. Most "depth" players never sniff the majors. And if they do, they are minor contributors. They also don't move the needle on trades. Law is actually more bullish on the Cubs' system than Baseball America. Both ranked the Cubs in the bottom third, but the Law has two players in the top 100 while BA has none.

    It is possible that some of the existing players will move into the top 100 this year. And of course, the Cubs Major League team is flush with young players.

  • In reply to John57:

    The Cubs rotation in 2017 had an ERA of 4.05 and a FIP of 4.27. In 2016 those numbers were 3.15 and 3.77. The best rotation in the NL in 2017 was Arizona with an ERA of 3.61 and a FIP of 3.71. and those were the highest those numbers had been for the leading rotation in the NL in almost 10 years. I think we can agree that as the club stands now our rotation worse than last year, even taking the Brian Anderson experience out of the equation. At least I hope we can agree on that. You're talking about replacing Arrieta and Lackey with Chatwood and Montgomery and you have a 1/2 a run to make up for in ERA from last year. I'm just not seeing people's logic in saying that this is OK.

  • In reply to TC154:

    The rotation in April does not necessarily reflect what the rotation in October will be. The Cubs do not need to build a championship roster right this instant. If they don't feel comfortable with the options available this offseason, they can reevaluate at the deadline. What they have is likely good enough to get them that far.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    My worry is that with the farm system as it is they won't have the resources to improve at the deadline.

  • In reply to TC154:

    That is a concern, but I also think for the first time in a while the farm system will provide a couple of arms that can help this team in the 2nd half this year. Maples, Alzolay, Mills, Tseng, Underwood, Hatch, De La Cruz, Brooks, Mekkes are all going to be knocking on the door. Some will prove they won't be ready, but there is also some potential for true impact from that group. Alzolay could prove a significant addition to either the rotation or the pen, Maples can be a difference maker come playoff time. The others could all provide solid depth innings.

  • In reply to TC154:

    To be clear though, I still expect the Cubs likely end up with one of Darvish or Cobb.

  • In reply to TC154:

    You are counting Lester being a #4, Hendricks a #3 and Montgomery a fringe #5. We have Quintana now and didn't have him starting last year. I think you are underestimating our pitchers.

  • Pretty hilarious to think of the Dodgers offering their bad contracts to teams that know/think they’re doing it to get Darvish.

    I’m not a fan of the way Darvish appears to be playing the market, but I’d still take him. He also wouldn’t cost a compensatory pick the way Jake would, though those aren’t as valuable as they used to be.

  • It would be much more funny to me if it didn't get the average fan kinda riled up. I chuckled when I saw the LATimes report and then the Rangers one. Did his agent slip up and get two reporters to write the same thing? I bet there was supposed to some nuance. Do they think that Theo and his brass b@ll$ would flinch?
    They want that 6th year guaranteed. No way Theo, 5 + maybe a vesting/buyout.

  • In reply to Peredonov:

    I think they are waiting for Theo to guarantee 5 years not 6

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    Four years would be even better and I hope you're right, but with all the misinformation out there it's hard to say. Players' agents have a job to do too. I love the negotiation process, and with this year's market the way it is, the past week has been entertaining.

    We'll just have to trust Theo!

  • In reply to Peredonov:

    Darvish will get at least 5 years. If the Cubs only are willing to go 4 then they won't get him.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    Give him 6 years if he has to have it. Tell him instead of 4 yrs 110 or 5 yrs 125, he can have 6 yrs 130 million !!!!

    6 years, DONE


  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:


  • Darvish is fake news. I am tired of this crap.

  • In reply to Hagsag:

    Actually, there IS no news. It's all speculation, unless and until something happens. I get tired of the noise, too.

  • I waited 108 years. I can wait a few more days.

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    In reply to DropThePuck:

    Yikes, you are really old. But I do get your drift

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    It's like waiting for a Met's loss in September, 1969 .....

  • For Barley:
    See the stone set in your eyes
    See the thorn twist in your side
    I wait for Yu
    Sleight of hand and twist of fate
    On a bed of nails he makes me wait
    And I wait, without Yu

    Central Division champs, with or without Yu.
    Deep postseason run, better with than without.
    Best use of marginal funds through 2021, doubtful.

  • Outstanding, charactercounts! By the way I'm enjoying some other posters that we don't see often get involved on this thread.

    As far as Darvish, I agree with Sean, nobody knows anything. Everybody is tired of talking about this stuff for almost two months and anybody that leaks something is probably given more credibility that they should be because these guys want a scoop, any scoop. I think he's a Cub because it makes sense, but baseball often doesn't so like everyone else's opinion, it's more or less a wild guess.

  • For some of these guys, including Jake, this is their chance for that one big contract so they are waiting for teams to panic and give it to them. Conversely, more teams seem to be coming to the realization that huge contracts of many years/$ don't make sense for players on the plus side of 30yo. The free agent game seems to have changed. Add to that the yankees not throwing $ around like they print it. I don't think the cubs would have a problem going for more $ but shorter years (not more than 4) but the players/agents aren't ready to take it.

  • In reply to ps577:

    Cant blame them for wanting it but you would think there should be a time where enough IS enough.....

    Say 24 million a year for 4 years.......what is that after taxes? Maybe 12 mill take home? They get paid every 2 weeks.......$500,000 every 2 weeks for the next 4 years........

    Damn, if you cant make that work to change your life and secure generational security I dont know what does.......

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    The players union disagrees with your premise. If you are the best in your field then you should get paid like it.

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    No, the players union & agents are about getting as much as they can for as long as they can.

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    As they should. How is that different than getting paid for your work? Part of my problem for what's going on this offseason is that the owners set up a system where they could spread salaries out over a period of years knowing full well the last couple of years of a deal would likely be bad, but either they didn't think they would compete at that time or they felt they could get younger players to make up the discrepancy but either way it was the total of the deal that mattered. Now, the players gladly took these deals with numbers creeping up, which you would expect in a sport whose revenues have increased 40% in 8 years, but some of those contracts proved to be worse than expected because the players didn't perform in the years they were supposed to. Remember when everyone supposed we were getting David Price? Maddon wanted him, Price wanted to come here but Theo apparently didn't come within $50 mil of what Boston offered and than goodness for that. The problem stopped being the back end of deals but the front end which made them disastrous. Jason Heyward's contract is close to that but with our young players the impact is somewhat mitigated. Everyone makes mistakes, but the more mistakes made makes teams more cautious and that's where we are. Meanwhile the players are left feeling like they were playing musical chairs and all the chairs are gone and they're angry, and I don't blame them.

    The bottom line is that i see both sides of this. I think the MLBPA has done a lousy job protecting its players salaries in the last two CBA negotiations, but I also don't blame the teams for using the tools at their disposal like resetting the luxury tax clock. I'm not going to lose any sleep when JD Martinez gets $125 mil instead of $180 mil, and I think pitchers have been overvalued since the Scherzer contract and the Shelby Miller trade but I do feel badly for the second and third tier players. Some of these guys who a few years ago would have signed $6 mil AAV contract over 2-3 years to get 1.5-2 WAR are going to end up with minor league deals because let's face it the top guys are going to get paid, but if the competition for the other guys ceases to exist so will there paydays. Bottom line is that I can't see how there isn't a work stoppage before the new CBA is enacted in 2021.

  • In reply to TC154:

    I was just stating a simple fact to the post reply above mine. Not sure what/who you are debating...?

  • In reply to TC154:

    I happen to agree that they should try to get as much as they are worth. I also believe that the teams should only pay them what they feel they are worth & for the years they want to pay them. Somewhere is the common ground...

    It’s funny we all want the Cubs to get a ToR, we all know that cost..., We all don’t want them paying outrageous contracts, but we all want the player to get as much as they can for as long as they can? It’s an interesting market.

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    That is what I said

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    No. Read again. What I said is not what You said... I believe you said, “if you are the best in your field then you should get paid like it.” I did not say that.

  • When does Training Camp begin again? Would be nice to have this all settled, positive or negative, before then,....

  • For me it’s a toss up between Jake & Yu. There’s good arguments on both sides for & against either. I’ll be happy w/either 1.

    I think all of these reports have a little bit of truth to them. Yu’s people are squeezing the orange as long as they can to get the most juice, holding out to the very end before making their decision. Whether that’s playing the Rangers, Dodgers & Cubs against 1 another in reality or fiction it’s just business. What the other doesn’t know doesn’t hurt them. But I have full confidence that Theo n Jed aren’t betting against themselves & have their offer set regardless of the smoke the agents are throwing out there. He could very well be waiting out & preferring the Dodgers but that also shouldn’t matter to the Cubs. Their offer is their offer whether Yu wants it or not.

    Now what would be funny/surprising with all of this is if the Cubs, needing to get a SP, signed Cobb. Leaving Jake or Yu or both, high n dry accepting way lesser offers. Assuming the Cubs are the highest bidders for them. Or somehow wound up w/Cobb & 1 of Jake or Yu... Ha ha!

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    Interesting dilemma. Sign Cobb now and the Brewers/Cardinals can potentially sign Darvish/Arrieta for less without Cubs there to drive up the price. But wait until Jake/Yu sign elsewhere and Cobb will be able to name his price!

  • In reply to good4you:

    Good point. But he may not want to go to those markets... Or then it comes down to them in a bidding war... LoL!

    Supposedly Rangers are still in it & Twins still lurking as well. They’re also using the “He prefers the Dodgers” card whether it’s real or not. “Mystery” teams could be jumping in as well... So probably not happening, that’s why I said “funny/surprising”. But Cubs signing Cobb PLUS 1 of Jake/Yu would surprise most everyone...

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    Cubs won't settle for the second choice - Cobb until Darvish signs elsewhere.

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    We’ll see. Spring Training starts about 2 weeks from now.

  • Darvish is the best free agent pitcher available this year and next (assuming Kershaw just gets a raise in LA). But that doesn’t make him any younger. The ideal patch for the hole in the rotation would be a young arm with upside which can only be obtained via trade.

    This is making me look at the Lorenzo Cain signing much differently now. It may have been a defensive signing for the Brewers because they realized if we signed him then we could package OUR surplus OFs to trade for that young arm with upside. We could have found a pretty good package for Almora + Happ/Schwarber.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to good4you:

    That could def be part of the Cain signing. Although IMO, the big reason they signed Cain and traded for Yelich is their lineup w too swing and miss. These 2 at the top of the lineup will grind out ABs, get on base, and make contact. All things they didn't do well in last yr. Also both of them are above average defenders.

    These additions help them on soooo many levels.

  • From what I see on Baseball Prospectus, the current estimate for the Cubs 2018 payroll (25 man roster) is about $160M. That's about $12M below their 2017 Opening Day payroll and about $37M below the luxury tax. A Darvish signing at $25M per year does seem financially feasible for 2018 - it would put them at $185M to start 2018. I think the deeper concern is for 2019 if the strategy is to remain under the luxury tax cap. Near as I can tell, only Wilson and Strop (team option) are free agents worth about $10M combined. That money will be eaten by Bryant's arbitration raise alone. Plus they will have raises for Russell and Hendricks plus first time eligible guys like Baez, Schwarber, Edwards and Montgomery let alone contract raises for guys like Quintana and Rizzo. It's difficult to see how they could sign a marquee free agent and not go over the tax limit without dealing Heyward and a significant portion of his contract.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to hoopscubs:

    I think long as they are under this year, they should have no problem or worry about going over next year. That's what I think, although I could be wrong.

  • How about trading Russell or Happ or Alamora and our top 3rd
    base prospect in AAA for a SP under control for aleast 2 years

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    Since the Cubs are in win now mode, I just do not see them making subtractions off of the roster. Especially for a guy who has yet to prove himself in the MLB.

  • In reply to kingpro98:

    They can afford maybe 1 of those 3 subtractions depending on the return.... The Cubs are deep in starting position players. Even Caratini & possibly LaStella arguably could start for some teams. Not saying that’s ideal, just saying it could be done with the way the Cubs are built.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    There was a rumor of Happ for Salazar

  • And fanrag sports just reported the brewers are still strongly in the mix for darvish. They are still talking, I really hope that it's just posturing by darvish camp. This wait is getting really annoying we're a day away from february. Like pick a team so the rest of the market can move already

  • In reply to bolla:

    Twins and Brewers have been strongly pursuing Darvish all offseason. I wouldn't be surprised if either of those teams sign him if the Cubs and other teams refuse to go beyond 4 years.

  • I love it that the Dodgers might wind up stuck with Kemp and the Yankees with Ellsbury.

  • Apparently the brewers matched the cubs offer for darvish. I lurk a brewers forum there's a guy there who has sources in the brewers front office who relays the info to the board members,this same guy said last week the cubs were getting darvish & that the cubs out bid everyone else. Also brewer fans have a strange obsession with the cubs like white sox fans do. They seriously think the cubs will finish 3rd in the central this year lol. The inferiority complex is strong in milwaukee

    Don't shoot the messenger

  • In reply to bolla:

    I also heard they went to a 5 year offer.

    Also, Betts won his arb case w/Boston. Do the Cubs have anyone left still in arb? Grimm? Don’t remember seeing them agreeing...

  • In reply to bolla:

    The interesting thing about that, if true, is now is when Theo either blinks or he doesn't. I still think he has a trade in mind as a backup plan. That said if the Brewers sign Darvish and the Cubs sign Cobb, Milwaukee wins the division. I just can't see Theo allowing that to happen though.

  • In reply to TC154:

    That may win them the offseason but I don’t think that hands them the division. Cubs are still loaded & mostly young.

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    Everyone likes our pitching better than I do. That's fair. I will be severely dejected if we don't get Darvish and I really dislike Cobb as a rotation piece.

  • In reply to TC154:

    I disagree with you. IMO if the Brewers sign Darvish and the Cubs sign Cobb, the Cubs win the division and the Brewers have a shot at a wild card.

  • In reply to bolla:

    So your "inside information" comes from a guy on another board who says he has sources from the Brewers front office? That must be reliable because everyone knows everything on the internet is true and no one can lie.

  • With the winter freeze still in progress, and theories abounding as to why the slow pace of FA signings, I wonder if maybe the players are playing a game of "collusion" themselves by waiting to the last second to sign when many of them already have offers on the table?

    I could see this theory relating more to the starting pitchers than position players. Say Yu (the consensus top starter on the market) is waiting for his 5-6 year contract at $27M per year to materialize, causing other guys like Arrietta/Lynn/Cobb to wait to see what he gets, so that they can demand similar or close to similar contracts. If a guy like Cobb signs first for $15M per year, then the better-ranked pitchers wind up getting less then they hoped for, based off of Cobb's benchmark contract. If Yu signs first (at $25-27M per year) then in effect, he raises all contract values for the other guys.

    Just my musings on a boring Wednesday afternoon.

    Will be interesting to see how all this plays out in the next couple of weeks!

  • fb_avatar

    I just saw that Mark Appel is walking away from baseball (according to MLB Trade Rumors.) He never made the majors and was considered the best prospect available. It shows how good the Cubs FO is to have the last 5 #1 picks have not only made it to the majors but have been stars and each contributed to our WS win in 2016.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Sure glad the Astros did not pick Bryant first overall in 2013. The Cubs would have probably taken Appel next. Just a couple corrections to your post about the last 5 #1 picks. Little was picked in 2017 and Happ who was picked in 2015 did not play on the 2016 WS champ team.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    Thanks for correcting me. I meant that the Cubs have had 5 picks in the majors but forgot about Pierce Johnson and Paul Blackburn too.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Speaking of Paul Blackburn , he quietly made it into the A's rotation last year, starting10 games, going 3-1, with a 3.22 ERA and a 1.26 WHIP.

    Not bad for a throw in on the Dan Vogelboom - Mike Montgomery trade.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to 2016 Cubs:

    Lucky ole Astros still somehow won the WS last year after whiffing on Appel and giving him away via trade. ( Closer Giles + )

    Looks like their rotation is pretty solid again this year w Verlander, Keuchel, G. Cole, and McCullers. Along w Peacock, Morton, and McHugh fighting for the 5th and 6th spots.

    Imagine if Appel was what he was supposed to be? Or even crazier, like you said, they pick Kris Bryant and you add him to their infield.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    I remember the debate about whether the Cubs should draft Kris Bryant or Jonathan Gray with the #2 pick.

    5 years later, Kris Bryant has a trophy case full of hardware and is sporting a WS ring. Meanwhile, the Rockies cannot be too disappointed with Gray who has started 49 games over the last 2 seasons, winning 20 of them.

  • In reply to DropThePuck:

    Astros were considering taking Bryant first and the Cubs would have selected Appel

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    I've checked in on Appel periodically over the years because of the Bryant connection, but I guess I can stop now. Too bad it didn't work out for him, but I'm glad the Cubs have Bryant.

  • Rumor has it that Darvish is holding out for 7y 175m. Good luck with that Yu!

  • I don't want Darvish anymore. Apparently he would rather play for the Dodgers or Yankees. Fine, let him go and stop wasting time.

  • In reply to Letsplay2:

    I'd like to have him. The deal has to make sense. It's could be that the Cubs will be going with what they have even if there is money to spend.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Cubs will add a starter

  • In reply to WaitUntilNextYear:

    But not one that costs 175 million.

  • Per Marc Gonzales: Cubs add OF Peter Bourjos on minor league deal.

    Implications for LaStella or Almora?

  • In reply to Denizen Kane:

    No. It’s just a minor league deal. He’s got virtually no bat. I don’t see him making team as currently constructed unless they only carry 11-12 pitchers.

  • fb_avatar

    He's a very good defensive CF but he doesn't get on base very well or hit very well or even though he's fast doesn't steal bases very well. I hope it doesn't mean that Almora doesn't start and LaStella has a great OBP. I don't know what it means.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    You don’t have to worry about that. This is a Leonys Martin move. Bring him up when rosters expand in Sept to pinch run and play some D. He is an awful hitter and has no chance to replace anyone.

  • fb_avatar

    Minor league depth.

  • In reply to Ray:

    and major league depth if a trade for a pitcher becomes the last option to bolster the rotation

  • The cubs need to forget about all this darvish and arrietta garbage.. offer cobb a little more who will sign less years and considerably less overall and has just as much upside.. and use that extra money to go after Holland to get the last needed puzzle piece.. i have a feeling thats something jed and theo would rather do at a reasonable rate, especially since it's looking like Holland will sign for significantly less then wade Davis did..

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