How Kyle Got His Groove Back: Marlins 6, Cubs 5

The Cubs five game winning streak came to a sad end tonight thanks to the collective handiwork of the Marlins offense, but we can all celebrate the re-arrival of Kyle Schwarber’s bat. Since his grand slam a few days ago, Schwarber has been showing signs of coming back to life at the plate, and tonight should be enough to convince nearly all of the skeptics.

Though the Cubs came just short of sweeping Miami, there was still a lot to take joy in tonight, and Schwarber was a big part of that. The problem was that John Lackey put the Cubs in too deep of a hole, and while five runs will usually win you a baseball game, that wasn’t enough.

The Marlins scored first, on a sacrifice fly from Christian Yelich after Dee Gordon led off with a triple in the 1st inning. The score remained at 1-0, Marlins through the first three innings, but in the bottom of the 3rd, Schwarber hit a one-out double, Ian Happ walked, and after Kris Bryant popped up for the second out of the inning, Anthony Rizzo hit a double to score both Schwarber and Happ. 2-1, Cubs, but that was the only time they’d lead tonight.

In the 4th, the Marlins took back their lead, and though it would be threatened, they held on to it. The game was tied on J.T Realmuto’s solo home run, and then Lackey started to fully unravel thanks to a string of hits from Derek Dietrich, Tyler Moore, and J.T. Riddle. Miami tacked on another in the 5th thanks to Marcell Ozuna’s solo homer, but Happ brought the Cubs within two in the bottom half of the inning with a home run of his own, his fifth of the season.

But the Marlins took that run back in the 7th, scoring on a wild pitch from Brian Duensing. Dee Gordon flashed his trademark speed in stealing his way into scoring position, and then breaking for home during Giancarlo Stanton’s strikeout. But again the Cubs would work on chipping away, this time with Schwarber’s home run in the bottom half of the inning.

Going into the 8th, the Cubs were still down two runs, and again Schwarber would deliver, but it wouldn’t prove to be enough. With two outs, Jon Jay, who had entered the game late and is scientifically impossible to get out when he enters a game as a pinch hitter, singled to center, and then Schwarber doubled through the gap in right center to score Jay and put the Cubs within a run. Sadly, Happ struck out, and then in the bottom of the 9th, the Cubs managed a baserunner but couldn’t at least get him around to score and tie the game. 6-5, Marlins.

Source: FanGraphs

The rotation questions

John Lackey is very capable of still pitching a few quality starts, but not often enough to put the Cubs in a safe position to win as much as they need. They’ve looked much more like themselves in the past two series, but the Brewers don’t show much sign of slowing down — a thing I did not expect back in March — so the Cubs have questions to answer at the trade deadline.

But seriously, maybe Kyle’s ok?

No one really thought he was going to keep hitting .160ish all season, did they? At this point, we are deep enough into the year that getting back to .200 will be an accomplishment, but if he does, that will mean he’s hitting more like he did tonight through much of the rest of the season, and that’s a very good thing.

He has been shifted against heavily so far, and hits like his doubles tonight nullify that (and of course, the home runs), but it was never that Schwarber’s approach was all that bad, so this just felt bound to happen.

Addison Russell

His absence from the lineup of late and his struggles at the plate have been a source of some discussion, but the news that broke during tonight’s game is horrific.

I will not speculate about any of it, and hesitated to bring it up here, but to not acknowledge it at all felt wrong. My hope is that as many of us as possible can exercise some decency in refraining from casting stones in any direction because we don’t know the facts.

In short, his wife posted on Instagram that he had been cheating, and in the aftermath, a friend of hers made other accusations that are much worse. The second part of this, the allegations from her friend, is what concerns me the most.

Three Stars of Game
Third Star- Dee Gordon (2 for 5, 3B, 2 R)

He scored the first run and a crucial insurance run thanks to his speed.

Second Star- Anthony Rizzo (2 for 4, 2B, 2 RBI)

He also played a little second base. Seriously.

First Star- Kyle Schwarber (3 for 4, 2 2B, HR, 2 RBI)

Odd not to have a Marlins player here, but no one of them stood out like Schwarber did.


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    Addy is going through a bad patch, but his wife is probably going through a worse one. I can't imagine living either life and also being in the public it's magnified so much.
    As for the Cubs, Happ is putting up numbers like Schwarber did in 2015 and that's a very positive sign especially since Schwarbs might be coming out of his slump. They (Len and JD) mentioned how hard it is to come back from a .161 BA, but he just has to look from week to week and see what he does, not the year's total.
    I'll take 5 of 6 anytime. Go Cubs!!

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    It is tough. I swear on my mom's grave I didn't know about this latest gossip when I made my earlier comments. I just noticed that he seemed under the influence in all the videos I saw. Good luck to him. But I will bash him the same way I bashed Soler or La Stella. Their personal shortcomings cost the organization. And I love the Cubs.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Prescient BP. He could "recover" from the alcoholic allegations (first i heard of any of this, but can u source that part. As u r the only one i have found making that allegation).
    But the other allegations, are career killers in this org.

  • I will, as I guess I have to now. I've been hearing these rumors since he came up. Even heard stories of how Cubs brass were telling bartenders on Rush Street not to serve Addy because he was underage. . This was a common knowledge problem behind the scenes. I'll let it play out, the Chicago media is much more "open" than I am.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Billy Beane trading such a highly rated prospect for a rental (Russell was rated MUCH higher than Gleyber) made little sense at the time.

    But if this stuff went back to his A's days, then maybe it does.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    Shark wasn't a rental. He had a year and a half. Hammel was the rental and Beane got both.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    Yes & they flipped Shark to the Sox in that off season.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    Still, it was shocking.
    Top 5 prospect in all of baseball doesn't often get traded.

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    In reply to Michael Ernst:

    AND Beane was in a situation with a short window. He doesn't have time to build long term success because to do that eventually someone has to retain some really good players beyond their arbitration years and/or sign some big free agent contracts.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Let me get this straight, u heard rumors that a Cubs player was partying hard on Rush St.
    Are u also saying that he appeared drunk, to you, in Pre and Post-game interviews.

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    In reply to BarleyPop:

    "But I will bash him the same way I bash Soler or La Stella. Their personal shortcomings cost the organization. And I love the Cubs."

    I love the Cubs too. But I try to keep that in perspective. Yes, they are highly compensated, but they are also people with the same wants, desires, and vices as everyone else. In the case of Russell particularly he is also an extremely young man. In no way to I mean this to excuse nor condone him IF he did the things being discussed, but I don't feel right "bashing" him even if it did hurt the organization. If I were the Cubs I would "option" him with the express understanding that I don't demand he report to Iowa (or Tennessee) but, instead, gets his life back in order and stay in touch.

    Then go out and try to sign a veteran back-up SS and thank my lucky stars that the team has guys like Happ and Zobrist capable of playing infield and outfield. It might cost us someone like Floro, or Leathersich, or even Rosscup or something like that to open a spot on the 40-man roster. But if Addy gets things put back together the team will benefit FAR MORE than if they kept him around to the detriment of him personally.

    To me the Cubs strike an implicit bargain with the players. They value character and "make-up." The flip side is that they also give the player some latitude and honor their "personal lives." Epstein has told the story that when he was just starting with the Red Sox he was told by a player that the FO "always lies to players." He determined at that moment he wouldn't do that. It is this culture of respect (and corresponding responsibility) that sets the Cubs FO apart and, I believe, why players have signed for LESS money to play for Chicago.

    While he has struggled I am not going to pin blame for the Cubs' slow start on Addison Russell (or Kyle Schwarber, or John Lackey, or anyone else). The TEAM has struggled. It makes me value even more just how GOOD they were last year.

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    In reply to Joel Mayer:

    What were Soler's personal shortcomings? The bat incident in the minors?

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    In reply to John Winter:

    I was replying to BP and quoting his package I was disputing. I am not sure what Soler's shortcomings were that "cost the organization."

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    In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Yeah, I know. I probably should have replied directly to Barley.

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    Great game for Kyle. Hopefully it will feel like the monkey is off his back finally.

    Sad to hear about Addison. I hope the other allegation is not true. I expect the Cubs to give Addison time off via the bereavement list so he can sort out his personal life. Baseball needs to take a back seat for a few days so him and his wife can figure out their futures, together.

  • My pal Craig lost his wife a few months ago. His son Mason is cooking for the Cubs this week. Craig posted before the game that Mason was cooking Kyle's lunch and guaranteed a big day. As for Addy, social media divorce has to be a new circle of hell.

  • In reply to wastrel:

    It must be tough to figure out, and it must be hard for us fans to hear the truth. I am an unabashed Javy fan, but I didn't want the full-time job by figuring out that Russell was an alcoholic.Don't know how else to say it. It hurts.

    Schwarber hit bombs. That is good. We have Kris Bryant on our team. That is always good.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Demons. Sad stuff.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    No offense BP, but It seems to me, that u r the only one making that allegation.
    The other allegations are being investigated by MLB.

  • One things few of us realize and consider especially with our sports figures and baseball players in particular is that they are human beings also and deal with a very different everyday life than any of us do. The travel is a killer, they basically work 7 days a week for 8 months and any kind of normalcy just isn't there.

    .....not to mention this is just a 22 year old kid.

    I'm cutting him slack and I hope everybody else does too. It is none of my business what he does with his private life. If he has problems hopefully he reaches out to get the hand up many people need.

    I despise social media and don't use it, unfortunately his personal life will now be scrutinized through it mostly in a negative way. I trust the Cubs will be all over this a good way.

  • Addy will be dead to this clubhouse. He's done here. Cheating is whatever, but in this climate, the whiff of abuse will end his Cubs career. Doubt he'll play again this year, clubhouse and fans won't accept him back anyway. He'll serve his suspension and get traded for a bag of balls like Reds did Chapman, or released outright. Damn shame he would throw this all away. This will be nuclear to the franchise, not Jose Fernandez killing two people and himself nuclear, but not too far off.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    I guess this is what happens when you sell your soul, and Gleybar Torres, for one championship.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    Yeah the Cubs may as well start selling off all their movable parts and rebuild. One and done.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    Regardless of this core's ability to ever win again, this does reduce the number of assets they could potentially trade for help in July and beyond. I'm concerned we'll have to move Jimenez now if we want to make any significant upgrades, since Schwarber is the FO's pet project and Happ's flexibility becomes less expendable with the Javy Baez offensive rollercoaster firmly planted at SS.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    Regardless of the roller coaster, Baez has been more reliable at the plate than Schwarber or Russell this season.

    I agree that Schwarber has all the love of the front office, I don't think he's untouchable. Despite his struggles this season, I still think an AL team would want him. If this Russell mess is as big as it seems, I think Schwarber has to be looked at as a trade piece.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    Lets not pretend that Russell hasn't been an offensive roller coaster his entire career too. The team would essentially replace one slick fielding, power hitting, inconsistent offensive SS with another. Russell has always shown the potential to be the more calm and consistent player down the road but he isn't that guy yet. Remember he was a no show for most of the past two playoffs (career .211/.238/.382).

    The move is as close to a lateral one as possible at this point. The blow comes from the loss of flexibility that Javy provided as a backup SS. Zo can take over Javy's role as the primary 2B. Happ slides into Zo's role as the part time 2B/part time OF, freeing up additional time in CF for Almora which should at least improve the outfield defense.

    I think it would actually make Jimenez more untouchable though. If the end result of all this is the loss of an everyday IF that will help open up the possibility of more future playing time in the OF. I don't really think it would change any plans at the deadline though. I don't believe that Javy was ever a serious candidate to be moved. A move for a pitcher would always have been built around prospects not named Jimenez anyway. I don't think the team was interested in dealing any players from the current roster. Chesny Young and David Bote would potentially be taken off the table but outside that the strategy wouldn't change and it is not like those guys would be key pieces in a deal anyway.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    I wondered why Happ got so much burn so quickly.

    Now I know why.
    He may be becoming the next Zobrist a few years early.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    LOL at the first sentence and quite frankly the doom and gloom you seem to be hammering out. If anything should have ever taught you something it is that Theo and Jed will take care of any and all problems. Sit back, take the panic button off your desk and let the two guys who brought you a world series do their thing. Criticizing them for their love of Schwarber or Baez is hilarious. Of course they love both of them, they don't win the WS without either one.

  • In reply to KJRyno:

    I wasn't criticizing the love of Baez. I just don't think he's a great option long term.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    In Chapman's case, there were police reports and an investigation. I'm gonna need more evidence than an Instagram post from "a friend of his wife" before I'll consider Addy an abuser. There's always the possibility that she is embellishing or outright fabricating the story in support of her friend. I'm sure the Cubs and MLB will investigate, the police may or may not get involved and we'll know more later.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    If my friend aired my laundry like that on public social media, we wouldn't be friends much longer. Unless said friend had explicit permission. Ruining a guys earning potential does not benefit the wife at all. But I agree, more info is needed. It doesn't benefit anyone to sweep it under the rug. At the very least, Russell and his family need help.

  • In reply to Mom2futurecubs:

    Well said, Mom2!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cliff1969:

    At this point all we have are allegations. This is not the same thing as a conviction, or even a "charge." It might be true. It might not be. Even if it is true I don't think that it means that the dynamics of the team change. There will always be people that will not be able to forgive Addison Russell. There will be people who insist "It's not a big deal" and everywhere in between. I believe, however, that this does not "end" Russell's career. Nor even particularly affect it.

  • In reply to Stubbs:

    You are way over reacting to something that has not even been investigated yet.

  • I actually hadn't heard any of the rumors, but I thought it was odd that Zo was shifted to SS last night instead of Russell being brought in. I had hoped this was all an injury.

    Russell is a young kid who has become an adult in the spotlight. That's got to be tough. And he's allowed to have a private life and private problems, but just as in any job, when your private life affects your work, it becomes a public problem.

    As a woman and a mom to two young boys, so there are certain behaviors I do not accept, and I was very vocal about those last summer. Cheating and drinking are one thing (and sadly too common among professional athletes), abuse is something else. I hope the friend was wrong (and in any case she is wrong for publically airing it). I hope the Cubs investigate this and get Russell the help he needs.

  • fb_avatar

    I won't comment on his alleged infidelities but if he has a drinking problem just remember that Dennis Eckersley had one too when he was with the Cubs then went to Oakland and sobered up and had a HOF career. It's a shame he couldn't find his way when he was here. If we know anything about this FO it's that it values character and that street goes both ways. I can't see them abandoning him now but will do everything they can to support him and find him the help he needs. So will his teammates. Best of luck Addy.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    Good post and I might add that the teammates are just the ones that will help get him through it. Having a guy like KB who doesn't drink sitting next to him can only help if Addy wants the help. This is of course if the rumors are legit.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    This organization brought in a guy last year with a questionable past. So I assume they will do everything they can to help. But we have to believe players, coaches, front office people had to be aware of a messy situation and could have been trying to help Addi all along. These types of behaviors aren't usually a 1 time ordeal. They are usually a snowball deal. Hope he can get pass this and rise up.

  • In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    This post makes the most sense to me regarding Addy's situation. I agree wholeheartedly. While it's shocking what has been stated about him, now is the time to help him out (and his wife, if possible), not to be throwing stones or writing him off of the team.

  • Wow. Regarding Russell, I didn't expect to read anything like this today. I must live in a cave.

    I agree w/most here, Mom2futurecubs specifically. Hopefully it's just a bad pot hole in the road where the rim & tire can be fixed & he can get back on his path. He's got the talent, hopefully he's got the character.

    On to the Cubs. Great to see Schwarber have a game like that, albeit in a loss. Rizzo & Heyward are on. Loved Heywards reaction to his last at bat. The starting pitching has to be more consistent. It's just 1game, but they scored 5 runs. Those have to be banked in the W column.

    But let's beat the Rockies on WS bobblehead night & yesterday will be forgotten if not forgiven...

  • In reply to Milk Stout:

    "WS 'MVP' bobblehead night"...

  • Where did everyone see that Russell is possibly an alcoholic? I've seen the posts from his wife & her friend. If any of this is true, I think Russell needs to be removed from the roster so he can get his life back together. He can get a sober coach like Hamilton had, but he needs to be away from the spotlight. We all have our flaws, but he should have to earn back his spot, both on & off the field. If the abuse can be proven then he should be suspended from the team for the rest of the season & undergo mandatory counseling & therapy if he wants to be reinstated. It sucks right now to know that the team traded away Castro & Torres bc Russell was supposed to be the starting SS for the next decade. Right now he's more Barry Bonds than Barry Larkin off the field

  • In reply to Bamacub:

    Exactly the way the team should handle Russell IMO Bamacub,.. Right on the mark.

    Take him out of the spotlight, figure out if there is a way they can help him get his sh*t together off the field, and get him as much help as he needs. Doesn't matter if he ever plays a game again for the Cubs - its the right thing to do,... Period.

    Assuming that the MLB investigation comes to the conclusion that he has been violent, make him take his punishment and let him know with no wiggle-room that if he ever gets accused of violence against another woman,... his butt is out the door.

    He's a kid,... lord knows I did some dumb sh*t when I was his age,... And he's got a chance to turn his life around, but he's got to want to do it.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    I agree with everything you said but your 2nd to last sentences. The excuse of being young and a kid doesn't justify anything. Not all young people act that way. And being young and crazy is not associated with physical violence if that is the case.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    Good points! Help is out there, but recovery is an inside out job. In the end, the addict/alcoholic gets the blame and the credit for fixing himself.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    If he has been violent, his punishment should be removal from the team and jail in my opinion. No second chance. Sorry.

  • Agreed about the legal consequences,... if his wife (or any other woman for that matter) presses charges against him,... let the legal system do its job. If jail time is given,... and not some combination of rehab, therapy and probation,... put his butt in jail.

    I always believe in second chances,... but not third chances,... and even those second chances come with conditions and oversight.

    And if substance abuse and/or addiction is a contributor to his violence problem - he's got to fix himself first,... as 44slug put it - from the inside out. Until that happens - no team should touch him.

  • Well, we obviously could tell something was wrong with Russell. Incredibly disappointed in him as a person. The FO values higher integrity guys as character is a premium. If the allegations are true, this is disturbing to say the least. No wonder his performance suffered as he was living with secrets and demons.

    This obviously hurts the team long-term as he has been almost irrelevant the last 45 days. This hurts the flexibility of the team both on and off the field. It's funny (not really) how society has changed that boozing it up and cheating on a spouse is "ok" and people can accept it. I hope this is all a lot smaller than what is currently looking like. The team certainly did not need a major distraction like this at this time. Completely disappointed.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    Well, it's possible much could change if he quits drinkin'.

    A lot of stuff happens when you're drunk that wouldn't happen if you weren't drunk. Even moreso when you're young and drunk.

    And people do quit drinkin'.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    I've got a recovering addict niece who's now 27,... was in and out of trouble with the law a whole bunch when she was ~15-20,... until she hit bottom, picked herself up (with the help of friends & family), got on the wagon and got herself going forward clean & sober again.

    She manages a Whole Foods store now, has gotten engaged, and has developed into an upstanding citizen.

    Russell can do the same if drinking is one of his core problems,... he's just got to want to do it. Nobody can do it for him.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to drkazmd65:

    No one can do it for him, but they can help. They can support him and enable him to get the help he needs. I get nervous when I see people writing him off. We don't have to like/agree with him as a person to cheer for him as a ball player.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Good post. To write him off is silly. He has some work to do personally before he can ever be right professionally. It can be done. I wonder if he came from a good family life. I imagine the conversation with his dad may be the toughest. And then to look his mom in the face too. Wow. He may need to lean on them a bit. He's still a baby in a worldly-view.

    When I saw he got married after the '15 season, I did say privately "what the heck is he doing?" given that he was so young. He has seen a lot of changes in his last 3 years that if not prepared for would have a lot of people fail.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Agreed Joel and you too rbrucato.

    Assuming that this is not all just some trumped-up set of charges - He's going to have to work on himself, he's going to have to want it, and he's going to need help while he tries to put himself back together right.

    I have had the pleasure to know several people who have had a troubled 'youth' and who have had gotten past it. The key always seems to be that people ceased making excuses for them and enabling them - but gave them space and aid when it was needed.

    For a baseball example,... Dennis Eckersley,... Some of the good that can happen IF the person changes.

  • Time to get out the "Schwarb-o-meter!"

  • In reply to Holtzman’sNoNo:

    Nah. The useful thing about tracking Dunston's average was that it was simultaneously tracking his OBP too.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Michael Ernst:

    LOL! I had forgotten how close Dunston's BA and OBP were. His BB% almost never cracked 4%

  • Regardless of how this turns out, I'm still uneasy with professional sports teams administering discipline for issues that are handled by the judicial system. I understand "character" and "team chemistry" and all of that, but for most of us, occurrences in our private lives aren't punished at our jobs in addition to the courthouse. It seems unfair, but, of course, the rest of us don't pull down the salary of a pro athlete, nor are we exposed to the publicity.

    My career has been in the transportation industry. Every company I've worked for has a policy that if a truck driver receives a DUI, he or she is suspended pending the outcome of the court. If guilty, the job is gone. It's pretty easy to conclude that driving under the influence is directly related to a driving position. In pro sports, it seems to me that that conclusion is a little more murky. I suppose bad publicity could hurt ticket sales, but the process smacks of a double standard. And, you could win the "abuser of the year" award and still be allowed to purchase season tickets, as long as you don't beat your wife at the ballpark.

  • I must be living in a cave. No idea any of these problems for Russell existed. If he's having issues with the bottle then he needs to get help. If he's breaking up with his wife he may need time off to deal with it. If he is guilty of abuse he needs to be procecuted and removed from the team.

    However, let's not jump to conclusions. Unless I'm wrong (and I could be because this is all news to me), we shouldn't rush to judgement if until all facts are available. We have an outside party making the abuse allgations so I'm not inclinded to believe them unless corraborated by the wife or law enforcement. Hopefully they are not true but you never know. Let's wait for facts though.

  • Cubs lost last night because Montero failed to fully execute the play of a 3rd strike and cover home adequately allowing Gordon to score unimpeded. Montero even on the whole has performed admirably this year, esp in part time platoon role from the plate. His defense is atrophying incrementally as we saw last year and why Contreras and Ross were so key last year. At the time I turned to a fellow fan watching the game and said that will be a determinate play.

    As for Schwarber, he is showing himself that he has game going opo which is about adjusting to the league in pitching to him. He adjusting over these next 60 days will be huge as the Cubs close out the season.

    Now onto two bigger narratives one since April and the other recently, starting pitching and shortstop. Starting pitching, Cubs need another 'horse' to compete with LAD and WAS for another crack at the WS this year. Lackey is the weakest link now and it might be grand to move him to a Montgomery type role until further notice but that means Cubs need to trade. I think the FO is all over this and will make a move before June 30th.

    This now connects to shortstop. Russell by the published reports and first hand reviewing of the FB posts it appears Addison Russell is in trouble and now it connects with his slumping performance both at the plate and little miscue's in the field on top of his reported shoulder injury. Things will have to be managed we shall see for how the FO provides Maddon the best options.

  • In reply to rnemanich:

    Luckily for the Cubs are regards the potential loss of Russell while this works itself to a conclusion,... they have Baez to cover SS, and can rotate La Stella, Zobrist, and Happ through 2B. Unfortunately - I don't think any of those 3 guys can cover SS adequately & the Cubs really don't have a viable SS backup on the roster though absent Russell.

    Chesny Young can probably be adequate at SS defensively, but isn't on the 40-man roster yet and probably isn't ready offensively to compete in MLB.

    Assuming that Russell is out for the remainder of this season,... is there a decent SS/UT IF Free Agent out there that the Cubs could snag?

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    Cubs FO have to have contingency plans for this event. La Stella is five days away depending on the injury so that is more long term in regards to role. Young is depth and right now a replacement player. So if Russell is hurt, if Russell is ill and if Russell is facing league and organizational discipline that is time to be dealt with. I think all persons depending on how they respond to these challenges can recover and place them as footnotes in their career.

    So we shall see how the FO deals with this in season challenge.

  • As far as the Russell allegations go, I refuse to believe it. Anyone can say anything these days on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Maybe this girl doesn't like Addison and is trying to ruin his reputation. Who knows? There is no consequence for her if she's lying. Remember the Duke lacrosse fake incident.

  • In reply to TD40:

    There's no reason to refuse to believe it. Skepticism is fine until something more concrete comes out, but it could just as easily be true as untrue. All we know about Russell is that he plays baseball for our favorite team. We don't know what he's like off the field.
    I hope it's untrue too, but just because sometimes people lie, it doesn't mean we should apply that instance as a rule to all situations.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Kramerica20:

    Amen. While skepticism/agnosticism ("I don't know") is reasonable saying that you "refuse to believe" smacks of sticking your head in the sand.

  • In the court of public opinion, Addy has already lost. You are guilty until proven innocent. Domestic abuse is as central and sensitive an issue as they come. For the wife's BFF to suggest this, in an effort to 'protect' her or be a good friend, is essentially lighting a stick of dynamite.


    I will wait for the facts to come out. And I fully believe and trust the Cubs org to do what's best for Addy, beyond baseball.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to LAX2ORD:

    I'm not one that is upset about what the "friend" did. If she "knows" something and keeps it "secret" that is possibly enabling bad behavior to continue. I go into it assuming that this friend cares about her friend, who happens to be married to a pro baseball player, more than she cares about her friend's husband's baseball career. Could it have been handled better? Maybe. Could it have been handled differently? Definitely (though different does not always equal better). It might hurt the situation, but it also might end an abusive relationship. Is that not a desirable outcome.

    As I've said before, these are people. It is fine to be shocked/outraged. We feel like we "know" these guys since we watch them so often and talk about them incessantly. They will have their vices, though. They deserve to be treated as citizens.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Wise words well written, Joel.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    I'm in agreement Joel. What mystifies me, and maybe its a generational thing (I'm in my 30's not 20's), is the public shaming via IG. If I'm a close 'friend', I'm contacting the authorities and urging my friend in getting a restraining order. Not accusing on IG and deleting it later. Things posted on social media last forever.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to LAX2ORD:

    I am not an expert and could be wrong, but I think it is possible that this was the situation:

    The "friend" (I'll call her X) saw her friend, Addy's wife (I'll call her Y) being hurt. Maybe X tried to talk to Y about it and Y tried to brush it off as "no big deal." Maybe even tried to get a restraining order or didn't think of contacting the police. Maybe the police were contacted. I believe it is relatively common for those in abusive relationships to avoid seeking help and stay in the relationship on the belief that things will "get better." Then X, possibly in frustration, posted it to IG and then changed her mind and deleted it. To me that is a plausible scenario.

    Another plausible (to me) scenario: X saw "evidence" of domestic abuse. Maybe she "heard" some things said by Y and her husband. She put 2 and 2 together and decided it would "help" to post it on IG, thereby forcing the issue to be addressed.

    My point is that both of these, and innumerable other scenarios, are possible. We don't actually "know" very much and need to be careful about getting too carried away on innuendo, rumor/gossip, etc.

    I am not saying this because I believe this will all blow over or that I believe "Addy wouldn't do something like this." I am happy to hear the MLB is investigating this. I hope the Cubs are investigating it too. Maybe the police need to be involved.

    Deep in my heart I would love for it to be false. Or I would love for it to be something that can be taken care of, even if it takes several years, because I love watching Addison Russell play baseball. But I try to remember that is at least somewhat selfish of me and it is more important to me that the truth is found--and, no, I don't have a right to know the truth--and that all the actors involved get better. Maybe that means he goes through lengthy legal proceedings. Maybe it means he goes to counseling/rehab. Maybe this is a "tempest-in-a-teacup." I am trying to suspend judgment until we know a lot more than we do today.

    On another note (not a response to you, LAX2ORD), I don't like the innuendo going around this thread about "maybe this is why Beane traded Addison Russell." And it's corollary "why did the Cubs, who value 'character' so much, bring on such a bad citizen type?" When the deal was done I don't recall people saying, "Gee, I am suspicious. Maybe Addison Russell will have serious personal issues in 2-3 years. We probably shouldn't have traded Samardzija for him." It was a deal struck in a particular moment by 2 teams at very different points in the competitive process.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Both of these are plausible, but I would add that Addy's wife had already outed his cheating and implied the breakup while doing a Beyoncé-like empowerment post on IG. The best friend inserts herself here via IG comments and dropping the potential domestic abuse bomb.

    I will give you a third less likely scenario. Embellishment and or lying about the domestic abuse by this best friend. Said friend could have an extreme narcissism/cluster B/BPD disorder. One of the tools in the BPD arsenal is past/present/future accusations of physical abuse to deal with toxic shame and create a 'rescue' mentality by the people around him/her. Sorry, this got deep real quick apologies... but my last GF had some of these symptoms so it is fresh in my mind.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to LAX2ORD:

    Just to be sure we are talking the same language: BPD = Borderline Personality Disorder?

    Yes, that is also a plausible scenario. I don't know that it is more/less plausible than the ones I gave. But it fits with my ideas just fine. My overall point is that there is a lot of speculation and conjecture and, at this point, a lot of things we don't know. The friend might have her own issues. It is not uncommon for people (like this friend) to think they are "helping" but actually just muddying the waters by bringing their issues into it.

    And if you--or anyone else--are wondering, yes, it is also just as possible that this is all that I am doing too. I might be the pot calling the kettle black. My philosophy in situations like this (and with TLS last year) is: These are people. Just because we may feel like we "know" them we really don't. They will make mistakes, poor choices, and also sometimes good choices. Some mistakes are more serious than others. But they are people trying to get by and do the best that they can while maturing in a very public arena.

    Sorry, that did get deep pretty fast. Some of these comments are meant for the discussion in general rather than to you specifically, LAX2ORD.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Yes that's what I was referring to. Great (set of) posts Joel. I'm probably bringing my own biases into this discussion too (recent relationship with BPD girl). And I'm sorry for taking the discussion 'there' too. And like many of us, I'm curious to see how this all shakes out.

    [Exhale] Now a baseball question... why didn't Miggy cover home last night?! Saavy vets usually make those plays.

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    In reply to LAX2ORD:

    We all bring our biases onto this board. Some of the best discussions take place when one intelligent poster's biases clash with another intelligent poster's biases. Sometimes what we claim as "knowledge" or "experience" is nothing but a personal bias/preference. And I am as guilty as anyone of this. I try to point out the biases of mine that I am aware of (like my enthralled relationship with small, good glove, good bat-to-ball middle infielders--Stephen Bruno, Chesny Young, Ronald Torreyes...).

    I didn't get to see the Montero play in question (not able to watch the game). But when something like that happens I chalk it up to "oops." No, it isn't a terribly satisfying answer. But in my experience even veterans--in every field of life--sometimes make mistakes. Often they are met with "How could he possibly have screwed that up?" But when asked they say, "Yea, I just completely screwed that one up. No excuses. No explanations. Oops." I have seen many times where people go off trying to explain an odd instance like this and go into long and elaborate descriptions only to have that person say, "Oops." Obviously this may not be the case (as I said, I didn't get to see the play) but I try not to discount occasional human error even among men (and women) that are extremely good at what they do and seldom make mistakes.

  • Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that "Addy is an alcoholic" is based on Barley Pops opinion and rumors he heard? I have not found THESE allegations being made anywhere else.

    Per BP:
    "But I'm also fearful there is a little more involved, as I see in his glassy eyes and slowed play."

    R U implying that Addy plays drunk here?

    "It must be tough to figure out, and it must be hard for us fans to hear the truth. I am an unabashed Javy fan, but I didn't want the full-time job by figuring out that Russell was an alcoholic."

    "I will, as I guess I have to now. I've been hearing these rumors since he came up. Even heard stories of how Cubs brass were telling bartenders on Rush Street not to serve Addy because he was underage. . This was a common knowledge problem behind the scenes. I'll let it play out, the Chicago media is much more "open" than I am."

    A Cub partying on Rush st. Stop the presses.....
    "Cubs brass were telling bartenders on Rush Street not to serve Addy because he was underage." Seriously?

    Addison Russell: Birthdate: 1/23/1994 (as of 6/8/17 age 23 y, 4 m, 16 d)
    Russell came up in 2015 and played 142 games. So he was already 21.

    Now we have commenters positing that is why Beane traded him.

    I would posit that if this was a problem going that far back, knowing what we know about this FO, that trade never happens.
    I also find it curious that this FO would trade their top SS prospect if they thought it was a problem going back to when he was "under age".

    He could be an alcoholic, but I just find basing it on rumors and gossip, by one person(at this point) reckless.

  • I take it you didn't read the article and just came to the comments section. It was written in there and then people commented. It was not just BP's version.

    I came to the comment section and went back to read what was written for all the comments to be made.

    Something has happened and it is not rumors and gossip. We will probably find out greater details down the road.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    I did, show me where in the article that says Addy is an alcoholic. Show me where that is part of the story about the allegations made on IG and social media.
    I will grant that I found concerns towards his off field behavior. But the only outright allegations I found were the ones I quoted.

  • BP never said he was an alcoholic, nor did Jared. BP offered information on his drinking. Drinking and bar hopping is a part of baseball culture, so I am not surprised he drinks. Bryant is the only one who has let it be known he doesn't drink so it is safe to assume the other guys do.

    Are you aware this is now being investigated? It's obvious something has taken place. A possibly cheating partying abusive life with Addy now having money like never before in his life probably includes alcohol at some point of this story. Not too hard to connect the dots. I would be surprised if alcohol was not involved at all given the current information out there. I, speaking just for myself, am not saying Addy is an alcoholic, but just saying I am sure some sort of partying was involved.

    Details to follow will help all understand what has taken place.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    BP's implication was pretty clear. And give me a break, if u think I am not following this online.
    I respect BP and all of u here. I have been commenting since Theo came on board.
    But I stand by my comment.

  • In fact, if you read my earlier comments, you'll see where it started last night (and also on this thread)

  • That's for BP to answer to. I just took what he said as "he drinks, so what?" I was not surprised. I was not being a smart-aleck about asking if you were following. I was asking because I have only followed it here and recent comments have provided additional detail. I was unaware of the investigation aspect to this.

    Sounds like you want more clarification from BP. That's a fair push on your part. I didn't read it that way. I find nothing wrong with your comment and was not asking you to stand down.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    Thanks R, but that is my point, all the "Addy has a drinking problem" comments here were based on his comments.
    He may very well have one, but the allegations made towards Russell was about spousal abuse.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    What I really wanted was for someone from Cubs Den to moderate that type of allegation.......

  • Gotcha. That's a fair point too.

  • I was unavailable unfortunately for reasons I will disclose at a later time.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rbrucato:

    While I agree with your post in general we need to be careful "connecting the dots." Yes, it is easy to connect the dots. But it is also possible to then convince yourself that your connected dots are various people, mythical beings, animals fly around our skies every night. Just "connect the dots."

    Not saying that this is true in this case and you may be using "dots" responsibly. But sometimes when people try to "connect the dots" it can simply be that they are connecting things that aren't necessarily connected. At least you acknowledge that the allegations of cheating, partying and abuse is "possible" and not "certain."

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Is "where there is smoke there cold be fire" more apropos? :-) I feel pretty certain "if" these allegations are fully vetted, then alcohol was somehow involved. Just my gut experience telling me that. I have enough life experiences around athletes to see how this could have happened -- the entire saga as alleged.

    And thank you for catching "possible" as that was very intentional on my part. We don't know and will not know until details are revealed.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rbrucato:

    I am not saying that the allegations are false. I am inclined to believe that there is SOMETHING going on. I just get irritated when I read a bunch of comments from people stating "conjecture/speculation" as "fact." And sometimes I lash out. I tried to make it clear that my comments were brought on by you but not really directed at you (if that makes sense). And, yes, I am not disputing that if the stories are true I find it unlikely that Russell was "sober as a judge" when it happened.

    Personally I wouldn't be surprised if we never do get a definitive story on what happened. Even if he is suspended I can imagine it will simply be for "instances of abuse" or something like that. Maybe not even the "incident" that brought all this on.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    I'm not buying the alcoholic part yet. He is most likely just a 20 something using his celebrity status & going out on the town to much, similar to Harvey. I could see him using alcoholism as an excuse as a way to not be held accountable for the abuse though. If he was an alcoholic, there is no way the team would not know about it. If he was showing up drunk to games or out of control there is absolutely no way that coaches, teammates, or the FO would not know about it & taken action, much less trade away Castro & Torres if they thought Russell's drinking was an issue

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rbrucato:

    Are you saying you have "gut experience" with "alcohol"? LOL

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rbrucato:

    I agree with you that something has happened. We have a couple of details, maybe even some facts. I do still consider most of what is being posted here, though, to be mostly rumor/gossip and speculation. The speculation might be right. But it also might be wrong. But I am going to suspend judgment until we know a good deal more.

    IF it is true then clearly something needs to happen to help Russell get better. As I said before, I hope that eventually I am able to watch him play for the Cubs. I am not in favor of the "this is unforgiveable in the clubhouse" (and I don't think you have said/implied this personally, this a general note) as none of us, no matter how much we watch/read about baseball and study these guys, truly understand the relationships/dynamics in a MLB Clubhouse.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Agree with your post -- the story will be sent out eventually. And regardless of how we feel, I think all Cubs fans should know when he is well and playing good baseball, the Cubs are a better team. That is all I really care about.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rbrucato:

    Beyond doubt the "best version" of the Cubs is one with Addison Russell playing well at SS.

  • ^ Ditto

    I would just also like to state two things:

    1. Since Russell is a Cub we all are more likely to defend and/or say "innocent until proven guilty", myself included. But if Russell played on another team I am sure we would have a different tone, like guilty! Trading for Chapman last year I think we heard that tone.

    2. With social media everywhere its so easy to say anything about anyone and not have to show your face when saying it. Its why I quit social media, 98% is garbage and mudslinging. However, I am not saying Russell did or not do these things but wouldn't just be better to make a call to the authorities or a family member instead of plastering it on instagram!? If he did do these things his wife's friends just threw their kids under the bus too. And if he didn't do it he will always be labeled an abuser to a certain degree. I don't know some things are better kept in house and his personal and/or family problems are really not our business.

  • In reply to Ronnie’sHairpiece:

    I'm don't agree with your point number one. In my experience, most of the Denizens are more than willing to withhold judgment until the facts are out, regardless of the team the guy plays for.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Read the second comment (with no corroboration or alleged in the spousal abuse allegations), then all that follow. I see a lot of rush to judgement. And as a long time Denizen myself, I am disheartened.

  • fb_avatar

    I think I agree with Cliff1969. Yes, SEM, you have read a lot of comments but it was FAR from a majority. There really aren't that many people commenting on this thread, though those that do seem to be posting a lot. And a lot of posters are silent. Generally on these threads it is those that are "outraged" that comment. Many of those espousing a "wait-and-see" approach simply stay quiet. It is not all of them, I know. Certainly there are Denizens that haven't commented and are very upset with Addison and have already judged him guilty. And if you read the thread, I am not sure that many people have rushed to judge. Don't just count posts, but count people.

    In general this board is fairly moderate and measured compared to any other group of commenters I have found online.

  • I'm in no way ready to cast blame on Russell nor am I ready to suggest the team knew something about this or any other problems he may have. That said situations like this is why this team focuses on character. Despite their best due diligence things like this happen but you want to avoid them at all costs. Now, on the day of the beginning of what is likely their most important series thus far, everyone is caught up in off field incidents. Now if abuse took place that is far more important than any game but of course we don't know that yet.

  • fb_avatar

    Here I was worried I would come on here and all the comments would be about the Cubs going 1-for-7 RISP. No such luck.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Join me in the minor league thread. It's lonely in there.

  • Did about 5 minutes of internet research on Addy's wife's BFF FB page. It has many public posts. As recently as 6 weeks ago, she tagged Addy and his wife in a church video post (with hearts after). Assuming one or both or all three are religious. Also said BFF seems to be close to Cuba circle and befriended other player wives. Hmmm.

    If I'm really pissed at my BFFs 'abusive' husband, I'm certainly not posting and tagging him with heart emojis. Something doesn't add up here.

  • In reply to LAX2ORD:

    The abuse might be false, but he also supposedly cheated on her 5 times & then blamed her for all 5 times. He also has 2 kids bubble 2 different women 3 months apart. I think at best, he is a young celebrity that parties to much & doesn't exercise the best judgement off the field to put it kindly. I find it hard to believe he's completely innocent of all the allegations though.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to LAX2ORD:

    I think that friendship relationships can be a good deal more complicated than you are giving them credit for. For instance, they are "heart emojis." You can give a "heart emoji" to literally anyone for any reason at any time. They don't actually mean very much. It is possible that she tagged her friend AND her friend's husband as a matter of course, seeing them as something of a "package deal." She might have wanted him to look at the video so she tagged him and rather than awkwardly giving "heart emojis" to her friend but explicitly NOT her friend's husband it was easier, and likely quicker, to simply put the "heart emojis" to both of them.

    Also, it is possible that something happened in the last 6 weeks to change her opinion. Maybe she was unaware of Addy's faults 6 weeks ago but something happened recently that was just 1 thing too many.

    Finally, if there is abuse those can be some complicated dynamics for some people. For some it is simple and straight forward, but not for everyone. Maybe the friend really valued her friendship with his wife and didn't want to endanger that friendship. Maybe she was afraid that if she acted out that Addison would somehow cut her off from her friend.

    I think the most likely explanation, though, is that when she posted the video the friend might not have known what she knows now.

    Finally, I wouldn't assume that all three (or even more than 1) are religious. They might be. But it is FAR from uncommon for people with strong religious views to share "moving" videos with their non/less-religious friends hoping that it will "lead them to God."

    In short, I think you are reading too much into something you found on a 5-minute FB search of a person's public posts.

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