Cubs News and Notes: Roster Cuts and Naked Rizzo

Beware the Ides of March, alright that applies more to Romans than Cubs, still beware. Anyway on to this week’s edition of News and Notes.

The Cubs made a series of roster cuts on Monday. A total of 10 pitchers were moved to reduce the number of players on the roster to 50. Jack Leathersich, Jose Rosario, and Aaron Brooks were assigned to AAA Iowa. Top ten Cubs prospect Duane Underwood was assigned to AA Tennessee. Seth Frankoff, Casey Kelly, Jhondaniel Medina, Conor Mullee, and former Chicago reliever Zac Rosscup were sent to minor league camp. Maikel Cleto was given his outright release.

Team Venezuela advanced to the second round of the World Baseball Classic on Monday. As expected, Cubs reliever Hector Rondon announced he is going to pitch for his home country in round 2. As I said last week, I was hoping Hector wouldn’t have to pitch in the WBC. Now that he is going to pitch, I hope he does well and comes through healthy.

Meanwhile the other Cubs in the WBC have been doing quite well. John Andreoli hit 3 home runs and was one of the best players for Team Italy. Not to be overshadowed, Javy Baez is hitting .357 with home run and 5 RBI for Team Puerto Rico. Of course it wouldn’t be Javy without some awesome highlights. Mr. Baez feels bat flips are so last season. Why flip a bat when you can calmly place it down?

Then Tuesday night against the Dominicans, another trademark Javy tag. With a little bit of an early celebration, but I’m not complaining. Just a brief warning: you will see Yadier Molina celebrating, which is deeply disturbing.

I know this will come as a shock to some of you, but Carl Edwards Jr. is kind of thin. The 160 pound reliever has been trying to bulk up for years. In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Edwards talks about his extensive fast food diet. A particular favorite of the String Bean Slinger? Carl’s Jr. Why Carl’s Jr. you may ask? Simple says CJ: “First of all, because — hello — I’m Carl Jr. So I’ve been eating some Carl’s Jr.” If you are wondering if the restaurant Carl’s Jr. noticed?

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated has written a book on the Cubs World Series victory. The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best Team in Baseball and Breaking the Curse, comes out March 28. Verducci gave an excerpt to about Anthony Rizzo’s naked speeches to motivate the team before games 5, 6, and 7. The speeches mainly included movie quotes especially from the Rocky films. This is a family blog, so I won’t go into details about the speech before game 7. Suffice it to say David Ross was able to save the day after an unfortunate incident.

Speaking of Ross, his Dancing with the Stars debut is this coming Monday. And you’ll never guess what song he’ll be dancing to.


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    Oh man that's awesome about Ross!!!! Thanks for the updates.

  • Like Brandon said, thanks for the updates, Sean. And thank you for the visuals of the Javy anti-bat-flip, the Javy tag, and most importantly, the non-visuals of Rizzo's pep talks. :)

  • Thanks for the updates. In other news, the Cubs are STILL in need of a 5th starter.

  • If you put just the Americans on the Cubs, I think they would fare better than the current WBC roster...

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