Levine: Cubs have interest in Rockies CF Charlie Blackmon

We hear his name pop up every offseason, it seems.  We heard it before the Cubs acquired Dexter Fowler.  We heard it last year when they expected to lose Fowler in free agency.  And now we are hearing it again as Fowler once again hits the open market.

That name is Charlie Blackmon and it was Bruce Levine who mentioned it on The Score.  Blackmon is a left-handed hitting, offensive first CFer, though he does have a penchant for making the spectacular play at times.  And as it did with Fowler, playing in a much smaller CF should help minimize his defensive shortcomings.  Where Blackmon cannot replace Fowler is at the top of the order.   He is a free swinger who won’t walk much.  His OBP has been very good, but unlike Fowler, it is largely batting average dependent.

In case you are wondering, last year Blackmon hit lefties almost as well as he did righties and unlike many Rockies’ players, was a better hitter on the road than at hitter friendly Coors Field.

The assumption is that Blackmon would split time with Albert Almora, but given Blackmon hits lefties well, that may not be a given.  If Blackmon is targeted as an everyday player, then it would give Almora more time to refine his approach at AAA.

As for what the Rockies would want, they are imbalanced on offense, featuring a LH heavy lineup.  The Cubs certainly have young RH bats to help them even things out.  The Rockies also believe they aren’t all that far from contention, so they may want MLB ready talent in return.  Like most teams, they are also seeking pitching and bullpen help.  There are obvious starting points when it comes to matching the two teams up, but putting the finishing touches on this one may get tricky.  The Cubs aren’t really in a position to help them with pitching, but they may be able to give them a couple of MLB ready bats.  The Rockies don’t necessarily need  a CFer in return because LF David Dahl may be able to move to CF.  They may also need an upgrade at 1B and the Cubs may have some candidates who can help there as well.

It’s not a perfect fit and Blackmon may end up batting somewhere further down the lineup, but that could make it easier for the Cubs to bump Zobrist up to the leadoff spot.  The bigger question is whether the two teams can agree on a deal if there is indeed interest on both sides.

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  • Sure, if the rockies will trade Blackmon for Soler straight up, otherwise I don't see it.

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    I no want Blackman he no swingy swingy good!!! Heyward much better. Heyward play for Cubs then Cubs win world series. Heyward = World Series

  • Can't see this ever working out. As has been said, Soler for Blackmon, maybe, but I'd put Baez in CF. If we're trading, I'd be looking for pitching depth or a utility IF.

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    I like the idea of blackmon they would have him for 2 years, While Almora Happ and others continue to develop. It would take Soler +? I think soler would have to be part of that deal (in 2 years jiminez makes soler redundant) I believe he also only has 2 years on his contract.

    As far as trading the future for starters. I would say sit tight. We will have to replace Lackey in 2018 and that should be done from within. The real issue is arrieta, either you resign him for 2018 or you go sign a veteran starter through 2022. Because we have a big bill coming due from 2021 thru 2023 (bryant rizzo baez hendricks russell contreras & schwarber)

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    Keep in mind that the Rockies are believed to be in win now mode. I dont see it, but....

  • I like the deal for Soler and maybe a minor throw in.

    What would it take to get Christian Yelton from the Marlins?
    I had thoughts of a 3 way deal with the Rays and Marlins where the Marlins get pitching, Rays get our hitters and we get Yelton.

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    It's Christian Yelich and it would take A LOT.He's pretty much an untouchable player for the marlins

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    An act of God (or about 3 TOR starting pitching prospects).

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    Ozuna would be closer to equal value than Yelich. But Ozuna is what Almora will be IMO so not worth. Yelich would be crazy awesome though.

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    I wrote this in the previous post about the Walker trade:

    I love the idea of Blackmon, depending on the cost. If they keep Almora, they could then start many games with an outfield of Schwarber, Blackmon (batting lead-off), Heyward/Zobrist and finish with Almora, Blackmon, Heyward.

  • The Cubs are World Series Champions. Yeah!

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    It is fun to keep reminding myself of that fact!

  • Blackmon is one of those unicorns who makes too much sense to be true. Every year he is a trade candidate (and for the Cubs), and then talks just not come to fruition.

    Blackmon may not have the penchant for drawing walks like Fowler does, but he owns a lifetime K% of 12%, which is much lower than Fowler's 22%, and he gets on at a very good clip. He also stole 43 bases just a season ago, so he's definitely got lead-off type speed.

    John you bring up a good point about Blackmon's defense. He statistically speaking is a below-average CF'er but can make some spectacular plays in the OF. Let's not forget that Fowler had a -20.6 defensive rating before coming over from the Astros, and the Cubs helped mask his defensive deficiencies by having him play deeper. Playing in Wrigley as opposed to a much more spacious Coors will only enhance Blackmon's defense.

    He's coming off of a career season (a very impressive one at that), so he obviously wouldn't come cheap, but I think a deal could definitely get done between the two teams.

    On a side note - and I may be mistaken - aren't Levine's sources a little "off"? Wasn't it he that reported that the Cubs basically had a "done deal" for Shelby Miller from the Braves last offseason? My apologizes if I'm incorrect, but I definitely recall someone connected with the team reporting so.

    Either way, Blackmon would be a huge get.

  • In reply to Average Samaritan:

    Blackmon's K rate was actually 15.9%, which is right in line with his career 15.7%, but like you said still lower than Fowler.

    As for his defense, I can't speak to it directly, but I wonder if there may be a thing with Rockies CF player picking up "bad" habits and maybe playing too far in because that OF is so gigantic. It might make sense there to try to take away as many singles as possible because anything in the gap or over your head has a decent chance at being a triple anyway.

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    In reply to Michael Ernst:

    I remember when Baylor was there he came to the conclusion that his outfielders should play in to limit the "bloop" singles since, as you say, if it goes over your head you are in trouble anyway. It is possible that this got kind of "institutionalized" in the organization despite the fact he has been gone for a while. I am suspicious that this is the case. If playing back helped Fowler it might help Blackmon become an adequate CF.

  • The Cubs have a need for a LH CF to platoon with Almora, so we will be "connected" to anyone matching that description by any talking head who can add 1+1. If I mention here in Cubs Den that we could use someone like McCutchen, does that mean we are "connected"? Obviously some of these guys are far better informed than I, but I think a lot of what they write goes back to that 1+1.

    Having said that, I'll jump in the game and "connect" us to someone, because, well, why not, it fits. Keep an eye on KC. They have an exploding payroll with several heavily back-loaded contracts coming due, and a few pieces that could fit both ways. Wade Davis is on the last year of his deal, for $10M, and would fit well in the Cubs pen. Jarrod Dyson is going into his last (?) year of arbitration, and is due a raise of about a million dollars, up to about $2.6M. Neither one of these would be salary dumps, so it would cost, but I see a potential fit. KC needs OF power, a 3B, and badly needs a 2B. Soler and Candelario should be enough to headline a deal, and LaStella would be a nice finishing piece, though his current value is less than nil. Keep an eye on a deal with KC involving some of these guys.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    BarleyPop: I would envision the cubs aligning with braves for a trade involving Ender Inciarte who is a proven CF - left handed/lead off hitter. It would involve Soler b/c Atlanta is looking to move on from aging outfield core of Matt Kemp and Markakias. Guarantee Theo has already checked in on this trade senario. C

  • In reply to cgiebelh:

    I don't see the Braves dealing Inciarte.
    They are moving into their new stadium and wanting to compete, although many pundits say a year too early. Anything is possible.

    Here's BarleyPop's guide to the Cubs offseason (sure to be off by many degrees): The biggest need and area to be addressed is the bullpen. I think Rondon's health and effectiveness is more of a question mark than we know. If he's good, there is no need to spend big on a closer. I just get the feeling the Cubs aren't sure about that, so I see us adding two or three proven/upside arms. Guys like Greg Holland, Wade Davis, Sean Doolittle, etc. Nothing to break the bank, but some bit of certainty.

    A huge decision needs to be made, by both sides, regarding Dexter Fowler. Many assume he is gone, and with good reason, but I don't think it's that simple. He should be offered around 4/$64M, and it wouldn't surprise me to see the team that really wants him add that fifth year, possibly 5/$80. No one will begrudge him taking that, and good for him. But I believe, from past behaviour and comments from management, that the Cubs are making a legitimate offer. I can see us going 3/$54. That would bump up the AAV just a touch and push his next bout with free agency passed the next two monster classes. Why would he do it? Fowler is an awesome dude, he and his wife love it here in Chicago, and he considers this team his family. A free agent usually follows the money, and there's nothing wrong with that. The Cubs will make an offer, I'm guessing 20-30% below market value, and it's up to Fowler to decide. If he returns, especially for 3 years, that opens up all sorts of trade possibilities with the outfield depth.

    I can't see Matt Szczur making the team. He and Almora are too similar at this point, and Almora obviously has more upside. Szczur is out of options, like last year, but I just can't see him sticking. He may well be sweetener in a deal, because he could play on many teams, just not this WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!!!! (Sorry. I just blurt that out randomly nowadays). Soler will be shopped, but doesn't have much value. He's making $3.667M this year, and can opt into arbitration going forward, although he won't, it makes no sense based on his performance. With his contract, he is more like a player going into his walk year of free agency than a young, controllable player. He doesn't fit what the Cubs do. I've heard opinions about whether or not to start him in Iowa next spring. I think baseball knows what he is, and some teams like his potential, and some don't. I don't think we can play him enough to increase his value. He is what he is, not nearly enough to get that young arm on his own, but he does look good in a baseball uniform. I'll give you that.

    With Ross's retirement and the likely losses of Fowler and Coughlan to free agency, the bench is a question mark. I think Soler and Szczur are gone, and I'm not sure about Montero. People were upset about his comments, but that ain't nothing. I think the Cubs are more concerned with his health. He would be a fine, though expensive, backup and mentor to Willson, but I really wonder if he may be dealt. We'd have to eat half his $14M salary just to move him, and more to get anything in return, AND THEN sign another catcher, but I don't know that the Cubs have confidence in his health to be the primary backup next year, and it may be best just to deal him. LaStella is a one-trick pony whose show really isn't needed here, and has ruined any trade value he has and isn't worth a roster spot, so...

    The Cubs have money!! My numbers put the Cubs (with reasonable arbitration figures) payroll at $146,370,000. I think the new CBA bumps the luxury-tax threshold up to the $205-21M range, and I think the Cubs raise to about $180-190M, meaning we have $35-45M-ish to spend. We could sign Jansen, but we won't. We could sign Fowler, and we might. We will make a significant trade, for pitching of some sort (I'm looking at you, Tampa). Next year, Lackey ($16M), Montero ($14M), and Arrieta ($19M/approx. arb) come off the books, but the young studs start hitting arbitration as well, so there is a chance some cash may be dangled to entice extensions, though I think Bryant is not one of them. The big TV money and easing of payroll restrictions really start to hit in 2019, so there's that.

    I've rambled long enough. We're going to sign Fowler, but probably not. We're going to spend between $2M and $120M on the bullpen, and trade for even more, and probably starters too. Our bench was and will be a strength, but with several different names. The Cubs may sign a position player to a 7-year/$80M contract, but it will probably be to someone already on the team. I have absolutely no idea how this offseason shakes out, but I KNOW this: Theo and Co. are playing with house money. Knowing their tendencies, they aren't gambling the future, but aren't standing pat, either. They want a repeat, and another, as much as we do. There you have it. I hope you understood some of that, cause I sure as hell lost myself a couple times.

    "You don't like my point of view,
    You think that I'm insane.
    It's not sane...
    It's not sane..."

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Good thoughts, and they all make sense. I was ready to jettison Montero myself, but looking around at all the teams looking for catching help, especially framing specialists, I agree that paying down some of his salary just to go out and sign another backup catcher makes no sense. Miggy showed there is still a little life left in his bat (If not his arm).

    I'm all for trading for one year of Wade Davis. But first I would see what Baltimore would take for Britton. I believe Soler and Rondon, if healthy, would get Davis plus another player. Dont think that would get us Britton who is two years out of FA. Problem with trading Soler for a closer in my opinion is it seems like he's been the guy for a couple years we've been counting on as a major piece towards bringing us a young starter. As you said though, he is what he is and right now that's just an injury prone OF who has disappointed whenever given a chance to flourish. I still would rather give him one more year here to see if he can put together a good/great half season then trade him at the deadline, than to see him included in a trade now for Smyly or similar pitcher. I completely trust the FO though when it comes to pitching. If the Montgomery trade had been Soler instead of Vogelbach, I'd still be thrilled at where we are now.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Nice Blind Melon reference

  • In reply to Gerald:

    Thanks. I should have done this, with a youtube link to the classic video, after the infamous Jason Heyward "bee" game in spring training, but I blew it. I'm still learning.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    On Montero, I think the Rays make way too much sense. They were pursuing Castro before he signed with Minny and Montero is probably a rich man's Castro. The Soler for Smyly idea is already out there. Montero and some potential pieces from the Rays make a ton of sense to round out the deal. Cubs would probably needed to eat some money but if they ate $6 mil that would effectively make Montero the same price for one year that Castro got from Minny on average.

    The Rays have Colome who would obviously be an interesting arm to add to the bullpen. They also have some arms in the minors who would be interesting. Brent Honeywell is really interesting to me but I'm not sure how realistic getting him is. Taylor Guerrieri would be an interesting lottery ticket. Genesis Cabrera is a younger lefty who might be interesting.

    Overall though, that sort of trade just makes far too much sense not to happen. TB's OF averaged .235/.302/.402 last year. And they obviously wanted to improve their C situation(.203/.267/.344). Reports from their writers suggest they want to dump some money too which is the reason for looking to move Smyly. Cubs want young arms and need LHP badly in the bullpen. Smyly on his career has .200/.243/.334 splits against LH batters and obviously there's potential for him to continue starting if he can figure some of his flyball issues on his fastball.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    BP-- that was your all-time longest post. Haha!!!! Well done.

    I can tell you Inciarte is not going anywhere unless they are "over-whelmed" with an offer. That is according to my friend in their FO. They are counting on him. Last year was a sell off, but this year they want a .500 team in the new ballpark. They were very happy with their 2nd half and are cautiously optimistic about 2017.

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    In reply to BarleyPop:

    I think Inciarte is a pretty much untouchable for them. Same with Tehran.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Too much for my blood for one year of wade davis. Rondon or edwards would be my pick for 2017.

    We had to get chapman to end this drought. But Gleybar Torres was AFL mvp and the youngest mvp ever.

  • Jensen.Forget the rest. In 2018 Soler will be better than Blackmon. Almora in centre.If he hits 240 he's a 2 War in his rookie season. Levine creates phantom rumours.

  • I had been one of those advocates for Blackmon before we ended up getting Fowler. Decent speed and power. Soler for Blackmon may be doable for the Rockies if they see value in Soler's age and potential, as well as years of control. Whether the deal can be expanded on both sides of the table is debatable; obviously the Cubs would like the young starting pitching they have, but don't see the Rox moving any of those guys.

    I do like Blackmon's salary status; two more arb years that could equate between $9-12M. Soler could be a great force at Coors Field, but I feel a better all-round offensive player can off-set Soler's power potential.

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    In reply to JollyCharlieGrimm:

    The structure that makes sense is soler, candelario, and zagunis for blackmon and Kyle freeland. Basically gives the rockies their starting 1b, and lf, with zagunis or tapia taking their 3rd of spot in 2018 after cargo is gone.
    The cubs end freeland looks like a solid back end starter, with mid rotation upside and obviously blackmon in c.f.

  • I'd be fine with acquiring blackmon he'd fit right in this cubs line up but not sure soler will get it done and the cubs farm isn't as deep as it once was.I'd also be perfectly fine with the cubs not spending much this off season if that meant next winter otani(if posted) would be possible.I don't want the cubs re signing arrieta let him walk next winter,so getting a tor pitcher will be a priority via trade or fa

  • Blackmon, Fowler, Almora...whatever! It's been 24 days since the Cubs last won the World Series. I'm so sick of this drought!!!!!

  • In reply to YouCannotBeSerious:

    you cannot be serious!!! :)

  • In reply to JollyCharlieGrimm:

    He has a point. There are kids that are quickly approaching their 1 month birthday without ever experiencing a World Series game... it was a heck of a year to be a Cubs fan.

  • That's a great point. There are three week old infant Cub fans out there who have never known a world championship in their lifetime. Very sad.

  • A better, cheaper and more logical CF partner for AA is Jon Jay. LHH, good defense, can run bases and VG OBP.

  • In reply to AZBobbop:

    I completely agree with John Jay thoughts. Does Uehara or Ziegler have anything left of pitching value? Barley Pop's logical deal seems more Theo/Hoyer like. Possibly Joe Smith back in a minor league deal (stays close to his ailing mom). Then the stunner, Arrieta, Rondon and Candelario to Baltimore for Britton, Bundy and Gausman.

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    In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    Where do I sign?

  • In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    Not a Bundy fan. His arm is trash and his mechanics are awful. I will tell you he will have another surgery or two. Flat arm syndrome--Palm faces the ground when stride foot guys the ground. Death move for pitchers. Arm needs to be up at 50 degrees to vertical or more. I pass on Bundy.

  • In reply to rbrucato:

    Very interesting! I have never heard of this being an issue, but it makes sense. I'm surprised he hasn't adjusted. I always wondered why he was constantly injured.

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    In reply to AZBobbop:

    I wondered when his name would come up. He was my choice as a free agent sign.
    However rumors of Fowler and the Cardinals would make me want the Cubs to resign Fowler. After all it's only money but leave enough to keep the core players at home when their next contract comes around.

  • Get McCutchen in here quick. We got the money, and a few players we can send off in return. Rondon, LaStella (is he getting a Ring? I hope not) Happ, etc. We have a logjam in spots.

  • In reply to LRCCubsFan:

    Lots of problems with trading for McCutchen:

    1) The Pirates are unlikely to trade in division
    2) If he's still a CF now he won't be for long. The Pirates have been saying for some time he'll move to a corner eventually and the Cubs are swimming in corner OF
    3) Last year has to be a concern compiling .7 WAR.
    4) The Pirates want pitching.

    Bottom line? There is no way this makes sense.

  • In reply to TC154:

    Not to mention, the Cubs will NOT be trading for a RH hitting corner OF.

  • From everything I've seen, the Rockies are expecting good prospects for Blackmon. I think the prospect cost is to high. They don't really have a need for Soler since they're shopping Blackmon bc they have a surplus of OFers. They want pitching. Soler is probably only getting another former prospect who has underperformed. I still think he could be good, but needs more time. He was called up before he was ready bc of service time & has missed a lot of development time due to injuries. He is starting to run out of opportunities though, so I'd give him a chance this year to stay healthy & improve. His value isn't going to drop significantly since it's pretty low anyway so what's the harm. Trading for any fielder is a waste of assets in my opinion. Any trades need to be for pitching, pitching, & more pitching. I expect several pitchers to struggle with dead arm after lifting that WS trophy all offseason. Once they get their rings it's only going to get worse. Does Theo not take any of this into account when winning these championships.

  • In reply to Bamacub:

    There was a somewhat famous article about a sign in Theo's office at the 2016 trade deadline, something to the point of "find more pitching!".

    The Cubs have been interested in Blackmon for several years, so there is something to this, I just don't see it happening. Soler has missed a lot of time, due to both the defection process and injuries, but not service time. He signed what is basically a FA contract, one of the last ones for his class of Cuban players, IIRC. Hopefully they get that dead arm and hangover out of their systems by the end of spring training, because the Chicago Cubs have a World Series title to defend. My phone messes up my comments sometimes, I just wanted to make sure ya'll heard that the Chicago Cubs have a World Series title to defend.

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    In reply to Bamacub:

    They aren't trading because of a surplus exactly. Its more that they can spread out blackmons value to other positions and dahl will be an above average c.f.. However tapia isn't ready so they really only have 2 outfielders if they trade blackmon. And cargo only has one year left so even then it's only 1 outfielder long term or 2 if you believe in tapia but I think he ends up being a 4th outfielder.

  • McCutchen would be amazing. Meh on Blackmon.
    What about this though as a realistic proposal.
    Yankees get Candelario. Cubs get Ellsbury and half his contract and one of the Yankees good SP prospects (and there are a ton).
    ?Adams, Tait, Clarkin, there's more.
    Ellsbury is still ok when he is fit. Almora can split time in CF with him just a really really bad contract. He can still lead off.

  • A Travis Janikowski/Albert Almora combination in CF.

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    Is Billy Hamilton a logical trade option? I know he's in the division, but we have been trade partners with the Reds in the past. And I understand that he is returning from that flook hip flexor injury but this might be an opportunity to get an elite base runner thats hit .260 (and happens to play a decent CF) for a lot less than what it would normally cost. Thank you for your feedback in advance.

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    I think this is the time to move on from Jake, I lile the idea of trading with Baltimore, maybe Gausman and and a couple of low level starters who have promise. Maybe dangle him to the red sox and get Owens and a top minor league starter or two. We could go to the Dodgers and get some of their talented minor league pitchers,or maybe Washington for Giolito and plus. I know this leaves a hole in our rotation this year, so maybe sign a starter to compete with what we have, either way you can't just let him walk after this year and get a draft pick.

  • Blackmon would be a bit of luxury, as far as I'm concerned. I'd agree with much of the sentiment here that all of our currency( talent & $$) should be focused on P.
    Though I don't think we're likely to ink any of Jansen/Aroldis / Melancon , we're clearly going to be in on any trade discussions for closers and are likely to be in on second tier FA RPs. At a minimum, we need to add depth here.

    WRT to the rotation, I feel strongly that we should be targeting a cost-controlled arm , even if that isn't in the class of Sale, Q, Gray, or Archer. With this window wide open, I don't want us to find ourselves *needing* to replace 2/5th or 3/5th or rotation in a single offseason. We've discussed names before but a few interesting candidates: Smyly, A Bradley, S Miller, R Ray, Pineda. I'd assume the prime chips are Soler, Happ, Candelario, and perhaps one of our lower-level SP arms. Speaking of which, it seems like that heralded "wave of pitching" may be coming but not for a couple more years & we'll need rotation help before then. Cease, Clifton, Hatch, and De La Cruz all seem to be viable future rotation candidates. John, any thoughts/comments on the kids?

  • My question is why are we looking for a center fielder. Is there a good reason that Heyward cannot play center with Almora? I know someone to lead off, but maybe Joe will just move up the big four to hit 1-4. Bryant would make a terrific 1hitter. Kris is one of our best on base/base runners. Bat the pitcher 8th and lead off becomes an rbi spot. We have the best of both worlds. Plus Zobrist can continue to protect Rizzo.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    If the Cubs don't see Blackmon as a leadoff type, then I don't see him as a legit trade target. And it probably is just Levine trying to endear himself to the fans. Since Hendry left town 'Bruce' is having a hard time figuring out whose fanbase he needs to suck up to.

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    In reply to cubbustible:

    Lineup construction is proven to be almost irrevelant, to the tune of about 5-10 runs per year, meaning .5-1 win.

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    In reply to in theo we trust:


  • There are reports that the Dodgers might not have enough money to sign any of the big FAs or resign Turner or Jansen. They have to cut payroll to be within the debt limits under new ownship groups in the CBA. If they don't get under the limits this offseason they will not have a lot to spend in the next couple offseasons when the crop of FAs will be a lot better, including Otani.

  • In reply to Bamacub:

    Proof that no matter how much money a team has in the bank, they need to be frugal.

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    In reply to 44slug:

    And this includes us as well.

    A few other random thoughts as I peruse Cubs Den today:

    1. I love the idea of trading for Drew Smyly, but I view him as a shutdown power reliever instead of a cost-controlled starter. I also like the idea of trying to include Brad Boxberger in that trade as a buy low candidate. Smyly can be a poor man's Andrew Miller I think. Look at his numbers in 2013 as a reliever.

    2. We will likely get increased OBP next year out of RF (Heyward will likely improve to some degree, with Zobrist playing some), LF (Schwarber for a full season, with Zobrist playing some), C (Contreras for a full season) and at SS (with continued improvement from Russell). Therefore, we can likely if we choose be more creative in CF if need be. I love Fowler and will be thrilled if he returns, but we likely need to go with Almora there, with a potential LH hitting veteran to play against tough matchups.

    3. I think a 3 way deal with Atlanta and Tampa Bay is possible. Soler and a prospect and cash to Atlanta perhaps, prospects to Tampa, Smyly and Boxberger to Chicago. Maybe that is a good starting framework to a deal.

    4. I wonder if we might think way outside the box, and try and play Kris Bryant way more in the outfield next season. Could he play RF a bunch, and then move Heyward to CF or the bench? If so, then if we could acquire a part time high OBP third baseman instead of an OF, that might be easier to acquire. Chase Headley perhaps?

    5. We need to keep our flexibility financially for a huge run at Otani in the future.

    6. Continue to look for the Cubs to pursue players ages 25-28.

  • In reply to kt1245:

    I think your thinking is way way way out of the box. Why would the Cubs want Chase Headley? He is not a high OBP, plays average at best defense, will be 33 next year and owed $26M for the next 2 years. Not to mention the fact that they don't need him.

    Otani will be looking for very big money that the Cubs should not spend on him. Instead use that money for their own guys in the coming years.

  • fb_avatar

    Cubs trade for Archer this offseason, yes, Chris Archer of the Rays. Next offseason they go all in on Otani. That's my guess, but we all know Tampa covets Javy. Tough call, but I keep Javy because he is THE piece that lets Joe do what he wants.

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    To get Archer, it would have to be multiple big names being moved. They would want Schwarber, Almora, Soler, +, for Archer & Kermeier.

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    In reply to Wrigley0923:

    TB can want all they want but we aren't moving 3 players plus for Archer and Kiermaier. Especially when one of the players is Schwarber. The Cubs just aren't that desperate to move 3 of their best young players to get a cost controlled starter and a lifetime .258 hitting CF.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Wrigley0923:

    It would be way more than +. Archer has 140 mil in surplus value, KK projects for about the same. 280 mil in surplus!

    Something like baez, schwarber, soler, almora, and Edwards.

    This cubs package is most likely still light, that's how good of value kk and archer are dollar and performance wise.

  • In reply to in theo we trust:

    HUH??? English please?

  • In reply to in theo we trust:

    That is a ridiculous package. I wouldn't give that much up for Sale.

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    In reply to cubbustible:

    Schwarber & Arietta for Sale & Quintana?

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    In reply to Wrigley0923:

    I would do that in a second if I am the Cubs but there is no way in hell the Sox would do that for both pitchers. I don't even think we could get Sale for Arrieta and the Schwarbenator !

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    In reply to in theo we trust:

    That's massive overpay by Cubs. Even worse him coming off bad year.

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    If we let Coglan and LST go I can see Jeimer C. coming up--he's a switch hitter and a good defensive 3rd baseman. We don't trade Schwarbs at all. Almora only for a A+ deal, and I can see Soler traded for a very good deal.

  • Yankees formally released Nathan Eovaldi. He could be an interesting signing for the Cubs. My understanding is that he will still need to rehab for the first half of 2017, but could be ready by 2nd half. I could see the Cubs doing this if Eovaldi agreed to be under contract for 2018.

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    In reply to hoopscubs:

    He would be a very interesting option under those terms/conditions.

    What a nice power arm to add to the pen for the stretch run and playoffs.

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    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    He could also be a valuable swing man and then go back to full time starting duties come 2018

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